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    Fuel Vapor/ Venting

    What are you guys using for a tank/filler venting? Back into the i take with a filter/valve? Charcoal canister? I am asking for an LS swapped Lotus Esprit - but nothing stock is left for either the car or the donor. Thanks!
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    01x Inner CV sizing or measurements needed

    Does anyone have any information on the inner CV joint for this 01X transaxle? I had to go with this from Lithuania and I know it went to a AUDI A4 B7 8E – I’m assuming a 2.0 TDI 6Spd car.... But it didn’t come with axles. Trying to get them made and while it have the outer CVs to measure- I...
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    Audi 01X Indexing Sleeve/ Dowel Part Number needed

    The transaxle i had sent over from europe to the states didnt come with an alignment sleeve/ indexing dowel to assure proper alignment to the engine (or adapter plate in this case. Of course it came off a version of an A4 that wasn't available over here in the states and the parts guy cant...
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    Hello from Atlanta! Looking for drivetrain knowledge

    Hello! I've found myself with an inexpensive 88 lotus esprit that is ripe for an LS swap... And y'all have all the knowledge on that sort of thing. Specifically trying to find some info on the Audi O1e transaxle - I here Scott is the man to talk to in the states for this from my searches. I'll...