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    With deepest sympathy.

    To all his friends . It is with much sadness that I have to report the death of my friend and co worker at SGT Nick Morris he was a devoted gt40 enthusiast and many of you that have met him no he could talk GT 40s all day he was always the first on hand with trolley jack and spanners if...
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    modded chassis on ebay

    Southerngt wish to make it clear that the chassis on this car is not a sgt it was a kva the front end has been built by us and fitted at the factory. The back end was supplied out as a seperate part so any future purchaser should be aware that sgt are not responsible for the correct positioning...
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    sgt at goodwood revival

    Hi all if any of you are going to goodwood revival we will have a couple of sgt cars on our stand please come over and say hello. Regards mick (southerngt).
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    Hi all just to let you know we have now added heated front screens to our list of gt 40 replica parts. Regards mick.
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    wiper arm

    Hi all can anyone help with an mda wiper arm or info as to what it comes from regards mick.
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    vendor and manafacturer announcements

    Hi andy (tornado sports cars) in reference to your comment on gt40 build log i hope you are not refering to SGT as we are paying sponsors. regards mick .
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    We have been helping an RCR customer by preparing his car for the iva test here in the uk we successfuly got a pass yesterday and the owner is thrilled with the outcome as we all are once we get that piece of paper.Thanks fran for the info supplied. Mick.
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    webbers against injection.

    Hi all thought you might be interested in our results of a back to back test with 48ida webbers against the new dynaformance webber lookalike injection system.We did not use the original electronics we had an accel ecu and system to suit our requirements and a few mods to the carb injection...
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    Hi all we have just had our 2nd iva pass today and although there have been changes from sva it has not been a problem but there are a few things you need to look out for .If you require any help or advice please feel to contact us . Regards Mick (southerngt) .
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    southerngt website

    Hi all we have now added full price list ,more pics of cars and a section for some of the parts that we supply will add more pics when time allows regards mick (southerngt)
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    gt40 parts

    Hi all in responce to the many enquires we have had about gt40 replica parts although we produce are own southern gt we will help with advice and are able to produce most parts for all types of replica gt 40 regardless of age and make. regards mick.
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    rear glass windows

    southern gt can now supply rear glass windows. regards mick.
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    head gasket

    hi all can anybody help to find a supplier who may stock felpro head gaskets part number 1021 for a ford 6010-r302 block i am uk based but any help would be apreciated. mick.
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    spring clip required .

    hi all can anybody help with spring retaining clip that holds the clutch release bearing to the fork arm in the zf set up as fitted to the pantera gt5s . This small clip is holding me up from fitting engine/box into my 40 any help would be much appreciated thanks mick.
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    southern gt

    customers chassis being panelat southern gt will post pictures as the build progresses.
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    ball joints

    cav front suspension arm ball joints,can anybody identify source, part number and supplier?