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    Set of original “Wine Glass” style Halibrand GT40 wheels for sale.

    Halibrand Wheels was actually producing aluminum wine-glass wheels in Santee, California in the mid-90's. I have their catalog still from a visit made to see them back then as ERA was spec'ing them for the GT. They had both a pin drive and a 5-lug design with their classic spinner. These look...
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    New RCR 40 Build in Texas

    congratulations on your project. looking forward to watching the build.
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    RCR GT40 in Canada

    dont know the car but it looks nice. is there an auction estimate the ownet has set?
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    Silver Fern GT40

    nice looking 40. what are the details on it
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    ERA GT # 2019 For Sale ***SOLD****

    thanks Karlo. I am good for now. the import part is always a mystery.
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    ERA GT # 2019 For Sale ***SOLD****

    Sweet car. What do you know about re-importing it back to the US?
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    CP Autosport 1041-R

    Michael Would love to see pics of your RCR40. thanks
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    New 40?

    Did you get any pics. Web has very little on it. Headlights look ridiculous. I guess everyone has their own tastes.
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    Rick's RCR GT40

    Rick, have you discussed the matter with Fran?
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    The Monterey Historics are a great event and one of many cars shows, auctions, and drive events during the Monterey car week. Normally the 3rd week in August, culminating with the Sunday Pebble Beach concours. The races are at Lagua Seca, a very famous track with great viewing. Once at the...
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    Rick's RCR GT40

    Very nicely done Rick. Are those pop rivets you are using?
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    RCR 40 wreck for sale

    Looks like it was a nice car. Tub looks bent in front of the right rear tire.
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    Spf 2317

    I found a set in france, but with the internal side marker light. Bought them anyway as they are soo sweet to look at. Now all I need is a 40 to mount them in. :-)
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    New 40?

    They must have seen Gas Monkey and got Aron's idea for the same motor in a Pantera.
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    Spf 2317

    Nice Marchals. Did you source them from the Netherlands?
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    ERA for sale

    We got another one for sale
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    Very Nice looking car. Stance looks great. Tell us about that Mendeola trans. 6 spd? what block and bellhousing mates to it? what is shift linkage - rod or cable? thanks
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    Kurtiss' GT-R

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    Kurtiss' GT-R

    What adhesive did you use for bonding on the light rings. thanks
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    GT-R #14

    real nice Ron. Congrats.