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  1. Shaun Sizen

    Seems I was Completely Off The Mark

    There was I trying to recreate a Mk1 1960's Gulf coloured GT40 and it seems I was way off the design look.... Not sure about having it in British racing Green...
  2. Shaun Sizen

    UN1 Clutch Slave Cylinder Thread Size?

    Anyone know what it is? I read M10 but its not that for sure, looks 3/8 fine?
  3. Shaun Sizen

    Which OIl

    Hi What oil is best fir my UN1 box? I have dug around and it seems TRX 75-80 is what was used Cheers
  4. Shaun Sizen

    Oil Cooler Location

    Anyone any thoughts, ideas, do / don't do's on locating the oil cooler on a SGT? I have seem then standing upright to the inside of the N/S wheel with a top strap but not sure of that would incur a lot of stress vibration even with rubber mounts?? Cheers
  5. Shaun Sizen

    AP Racing Calipers Heli Coil Has Come Out!!

    Evening Ok removed the caliper pin on my new squeaky clean AP 5000 calipers and the spring which looks like a heli coil on the thread end came out with it?? Any ideas? I have emailed AP see if they can do a repair, odd as they are brand new, anyone had this happen or know how to replace the...
  6. Shaun Sizen

    N7735-10 Wiring Diagram

    Hi Anyone got a wiring diagram for the N7735 alternator? Cheers
  7. Shaun Sizen

    Fire Extinguisher Plumbed Into Cockpit

    Afternoon all Looking at systems , most seem to have cockpit as well as engine bay, just wondered thoughts as if cockpit is needed in a road car? The Lifeline Zero 360 has two outlets one for engine bay and one for cabin but if I just did engine I guess that one would have to be blocked off? I...
  8. Shaun Sizen

    Which Water Pump - 1971 Ford 302

    Evening all The water pump on my 1971 302 is the wrong one, to be fair I did ask for one not to be fitted but the guy fitted one he had free to stop and dirt, etc getting in and be able to spin the engine up to check oil pressure. so which one fits best for a Southern GT? Paul Bav mentioned his...
  9. Shaun Sizen

    Free - Just Pay Postage - Horn and Hoses

    Afternoon all, Got sent 2 of these by mistake and they did not want it back (Card Builder Solutions) so rather than sit on my shelf anyone want it? Just pay postage, UK only as not worth sending overseas :) Also got these wrong length (by about 10mm Grrrrr) so any use to anyone same deal...
  10. Shaun Sizen

    Wilwood Reservoir Caps

    Evening all Any idea where in the UK you can get Wilwood caps with the warning sensors for the 0.625 and 0.75 compact brake reservoirs? I got some generic ones from Car Builder solutions but they don't fit, thread wrong and too tall Cheers
  11. Shaun Sizen

    Lifting points for 302

    Hi Ok need to lift the engine onto the bench, got Brodix heads, no inlet manifold so cannot lift on a card plate, am I able to lift using the heads? Bit worries as they are aluminium? Any idea the bolt size needed if so? On the flywheel end I can for now use the bell housing bolts but once the...
  12. Shaun Sizen

    UK Hose Fitting supplier

    Hi Anyone recommend a good supplier of AN hose fittings and hoses in the UK? Getting to a spot of plumbing, starting with the rad line back to the reservoir, on the 40 so need a decent supplier, seem to be a few out there so any advice appreciated especially as I am going EFi so will need a few...
  13. Shaun Sizen

    Air Con Fitting

    Hi Ok air con time now and have most of it figured out but any guidance would be helpful, so in the SGT kit I have 3 pipe sizes which I will call Small / Medium / Large in my summary below, this is I think what the pipe route plus my questions :) Compressor outlet marked S Large pipe To...
  14. Shaun Sizen

    Flexible Brake / clutch hoses

    Ordered these bad boys at about £25 each and they are too short by about 25mm :mad: so that's £1 per mm !!! Measure twice cut once.... They are 190mm long end to end I have 2 as per the picture, free to anyone who may want them, will ship to the USA or anywhere but would need to cover postage...
  15. Shaun Sizen

    Braided Hoses Throughout!!

    Hi all Just a thought, some builds I have seen on the web seem to use braided hoses throughout no copper (or cunifer). I may just only be seeing images of those sections but has anyone done a full braided install? Apart from the seemingly deep pockets needed!! are there any benefits either way...
  16. Shaun Sizen

    Ford Rocker Covers

    Hi Anyone know of a source of rocker covers for a 302 in the UK? Tried Europa Spares but they have a long wait to get them in form the USA so I may as well cut out the middle man if I have to go over the pond. Sort of thinking something like this But as always choice is too much bit like paint...
  17. Shaun Sizen

    Pedal box suggestions for a driver with size 10 dabs

    Evening all Ok one to throw out to the team, any thoughts on pedal boxes for my Southern GT, floor mount or dangle down :) the sky's the limit. Thing is I have feet that meant my career in the Royal Ballet was never going to take off, that coupled with the fact I'm 6ft 4" tall and have the...
  18. Shaun Sizen

    Brodix Heads

    Hi, Anyone any experience of Brodix heads for a 331 stoker? I always see Edelbrock but Brodix is a new one to me Cheers
  19. Shaun Sizen

    Southern GT Chassis #54 Build - The What Have I Done Chronicles!!

    Hi all So finally the build has started, took delivery of the chassis last week, spent a while unpacking all the panels, checking bits, putting back whats not needed yet and off I go on the journey so many of you guys have done. Mind you some great support thus far from SGT and Mick plus I am...
  20. Shaun Sizen

    331 v 347 Thoughts

    Hi, I expect its been run over a few times, pardon the pun, but what are teams views and thoughts on a 331 v 347. Just about to start the build of SGT chassis 54 so am looking into engine options, going to be a beefed up UN1 gearbox, Mick @ SGT mentioned a while back a 331 is a nice engine to...