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    Coyote engine help needed

    I have a 2014, 5.0l Coyote engine, 32 valve VVT, the engine come out of Ford Ranger 4x4 off road racing truck, Neil Woolridge Racing in South Africa. The engine was replaced with new engine after the truck suffered some fire damage in their workshop. Long story short the engine has no management...
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    Henty's scratchbuild GT40

    Good day Gents This is where the rubber meets the road. Yes, this is where it all begins and I trust will end with an end product that will look good, pay tribute to a legend and satisfy this 60 yr old need that I have had (to scratchbuild a car) never in the 60yrs did I imagine that it would...
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    New to GT40's model question

    Good day Gents Being new to the GT40 fold and the forum I would like to find out more about the various models, I will be collecting my GT40 body from CAV in Cape Town next weekend.A reference to a link or book on amazon would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance. Kind regards Henty
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    New and old guy from South Africa

    Hi Guys Firstly I would like to compliment the GT40S forum :thumbsup:as a whole on an absolutely amazing forum, an absolute mine of valuable engineering information. Secondly sadly, I do not own a GT40 and more than likely never will due to limited funding and age. However, I have had the...