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  1. manta22

    Christmas Card

    Back in the "Olden Days" when I was in College at William & Mary, I had a good friend who was a car guy and an artist, "Weed" we called him (a name from a sci-fi novel that he liked), his real name was "William S. Gregory" so he was called "Pope" on occasion. He drew a Christmas card for all of...
  2. manta22

    Photo Contest

    I entered my car in the on-line photo contest I'd appreciate your vote. I took that photo at Bonneville in September.
  3. manta22

    Old GT40 Photos

    This is a cute photo that may have been part of a series that Marchal did to promote their lights. Note the chrome trim around the headlight covers and the grills on the radiator air outlets.
  4. manta22

    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    I have been building this car over a period of many years. With the exception of its fiberglass body, all the fabrication was done by me- including the chassis, suspension, and engine. I chose the McLaren replica body that was made by Manta Cars in Santa Ana, California for their Mirage kit car...
  5. manta22

    Build Detail Questions

    I enjoy seeing the progress of everyone's different builds here on the forum. There are a few questions that I have about the aluminum chassis panels that I see frequently in many photos. These questions are not only directed at GT40s but for all types of car builds. 1. What thickness and alloy...