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    GT40 Mk4

    I’m looking into doing an Mk4, but somehow I cannot find anyone supplying just the bodywork. Any suggestions out there? Highly appreciated. Thank you. Morten
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    GT40 Exhaust 351W, 1 3/4

    Up for sale is my Superformance Mk2 exhaust system, only test fitted on my SGT40 Mk1, never run. Red primer, mild steel, 1 3/4” dia. Fits 351 Windsor only. Selling due to change of plan. Fabricated in 2014 according to flange date stamp. Tubes can be altered to suit. Located in Botley Road...
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    Wheels wanted: 5×112 pcd BRM/Halibrand style

    Hi, does anyone on here have a spare set BRM/Halibrand style 5 bolt 112 mm pcd 8 x 15"/ 10 x 15 or 12 x15" or similar in 17" would be an option. Give me a hollar on gt40parts(at) if you might have something laying around you would part with. Cheers, Morten Hampshire
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    Wanted: GTD Halibrand 5 Bolt front wheels

    Hi, does anyone on here have a spare set GTD Halibrand 5 bolt 112 mm bcd front wheels ? 7 x 15" or 8 x 15 would be good. Thanks, Morten Hampshire. Send me a PM if you have a set that fits the bill.
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    Gulf GT Forte build

    Just a little update after a couple of weeks into my build. Alu panels coming along nicely, the floor was finished in a few days all rivited and sikaflexed. Now awaits delivery of chassi and the rest of small bits and pieces from Darren. My 351W 1984 engine block has arrived from the US, and...