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    Electric Water Pump question

    Meziere, in Escondido CA, makes and both a remote electric pump and one that directly replaces the stock pump. I have run both in a 40 and they work great. Dave
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    Distributor gear on small block Ford

    The gear did not actually break, but finally failed due to lack of lubrication. There is evidence of overheating in the rocker arms as well. The cam itself was getting plenty of oil, everything looks good there. No metal bits in the pump or pick up. It does have a high volume pump and 2 (two)...
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    Distributor gear on small block Ford

    Thanks for all of the responses. It had the correct gear for the cam and I will remove the pan and the pump. Dave
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    Distributor gear on small block Ford

    Hi, I have a friend with a Tiger that I installed a Crane Hydralic roller cam , retro fit lifters and Comp Cams stamped steel roller tipped rockers in his 289. There is not a lot of oil in the top end of this engine and at Willow Springs the steel distributor gear failed (overheated) and I...
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    Cam change

    My car is a 347 with webers and a ZF with 4.22 ring gear and it makes about 450 hp. The car is very fast and very driveable, the only 427 cars that I have worked on and driven had a 3.70 gear and that kept the torgue down but they were not any faster at the speeds most of us drive at, even on...
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    Which trailer to transport a GT40?

    I have an enclosed trailer and remove the driver door window so that I can escape after I drive it in. Dave
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    McLeod Clutch and flywheel

    Sold, thanks
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    McLeod Clutch and flywheel

    157 tooth McLeod Billit steel flywheel, 28 Oz balance, 26lbs weight with match balanced McLeod Diaprahgm clutch, new dual friction Ford clutch disc. This set up was on my CAV for 10,000 miles (w/BMW disc) and is in perfect condition. $500 OBO Dave (619)339-3838
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    Is a GT40 replica a reasonable weekend car?

    I have driven my SPF 600 miles to Reno from San Diego and back plus numerous other trips of several hundred miles. It is very streetable and reliable. These cars are very simple and if you go over it once in a while to make certain that everything is tight and the fluids are all staying inside...
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    new from Pennsylvania

    Can't go wrong with that choice but there are lots of good manufacturers to pick from. Dave
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    Weber Help Please !

    The fuel pickups on the CAV's are flexible, try removing the the pick up lines from the fitting on the back of the fuel tank and pushing a phillips screwdriver down thru the tube to straighten it, also make sure the pick up line is not on the vent fitting. Dave
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    Jason's Coyote Powered RCR40 Downunder

    Fabulous! What a great project. Dave
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    CAV stub axles

    Thank you Alan! Dave
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    GoodWood Revival special GT40s

    great photos! Does anyone have a picture of how the double nostril front cover seals against the back of the radiator? That is a project that I want to do on my SPF. Dave
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    Pebble Beach winner?

    Great job on the photos Mike. Dave
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    CAV stub axles

    I have sold out my current run of these axles, I have to make a run of 4 sets minimum. I have changed suppliers and the lead time is now less than 30 days. This is one of the single best upgrades you can make for thr CAV. Dave
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    CAV stub axles

    Alan, sent you a PM. Dave
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    CAV stub axles

    The bearings are BMW and the uprights are a CAV designed part. Dave
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    CAV stub axles

    The stub axles will work with any transaxle, and the 930 CVs are used with any trans axle. The Audi might require an adapter for the CV to attach at the transaxle, I don't recall. I did a CAV with an Audi several years ago and the transaxle came set up for the 930 CV, but that was a trans...
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    CAV stub axles

    These are custom stub axles, made from 300m and properly heat treated. Basically the same as used in off road Trophy Trucks, I have been working on them for quite a while to get them right. They look a little different but all critical dimensions are correct . These will fit the older, pre 100...