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    VIN Plates

    VIN Plate samples
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    VIN Plates

    Sorry - the image didn't post. I have forgotten how to post an image on the forum. If I click on the "insert image" button, it asks for a http:/ link.:sad:
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    VIN Plates

    Sheesh - I can't even enter my own email address correctly in the original post. It is : [email protected] Below is an image of the styles I have available. I can make any custom plate as well but obviously I need to generate artwork. As to Mike Drew's suggestion about the history of...
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    VIN Plates

    Hi Guys I've been off the forum for quite some time and I see personal messages from years past to me asking for VIN plates. I apologize for the no response but I've been out of the country for years. That said - YES, I still make VIN plates for GT40's. FAV, FoMoCo, JWE...all of them. It's...
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    Jason - contact me directly at [email protected] Lynn

    Jason - contact me directly at [email protected] Lynn
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    SPF GT Switch and Control Positions

    Hi Richard, yeah, I can make a set for you. Just call me 509 939 2660 or [email protected]
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    Lynn miner gt 40 id plates

    Doc I shipped plates to you. They are in the mail. I have received no email from you in the last few days. Take this conversation off the thread and email direct
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    Lynn miner gt 40 id plates

    Hey Guys - I think I'm all caught up with vin plate requests. If I've forgotten someone please email me directly at [email protected]. I'm still getting requests for a MKIV plate but I still dont know what they look like. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Lynn miner gt 40 id plates

    Actually it is kinda tough from one perspective. I get very little "seat time" in my 40. I'm gone for weeks at a time, come home catch my breath, (make a few VIN plates) and leave again. I haven't put 50 miles on it this entire year. I leave for Grand Cayman in 2 hours!!
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    Lynn miner gt 40 id plates

    Price is the same $35 I quoted you a couple weeks ago when you asked me. $5 postage to Europe.
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    Lynn miner gt 40 id plates

    Thanks for the kudos guys. Yes, I'm still alive and well. I travel almost constantly these days. I retired as a Quantum Mechanic (physicist) and now I travel the world as a scuba diving instructor. I'm gone a lot but I still make plates for folks when they want them. Just contact me and...
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    repo VIN plates?

    Thanks Rick - that would be great.
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    repo VIN plates?

    Hi Guys I have just been inundated with requests for plates. I'm out of the country for 9 days tomorrow so I'm a bit busy at the moment. Anyone wanting plates can contact me after the 15th of Sept and I'll get everyone fixed up. Contact me directly at [email protected]. Price of any...
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    repo VIN plates?

    Yes, I still make VIN plates in all varieties. Just send me an email.
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    SPF Suspension/Steering Parts Drawings

    Hi Allen If you have a moment, I'd could use a set too @ [email protected]. Thanks for your efforts.
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    Very Sticky Brake Pedal

    Hey guys, it's been a while. P2133 has developed a sticky brake pedal problem. The pedal doesn't return when pressed and I have to hook the side of my shoe to pull it back. I also notice that when I push the brake pedal, the clutch pedal moves with it slightly making me think the shaft is...
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    ZF Speedo Adapter

    I'm contemplating the use of an electronic speedo. Does anyone know (for certain) what size electronic adapter fits a ZF trany? There are adapters for GM, Chrysler, Ford etc but which one (if any) will fit a ZF?
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    SPF continuation car?

    I asked this question of Ron Rosen the owner (at the time) of Dynamic Motorsports when I ordered my car in 2005. He told the deal was $2500 per car license fee. He told me that he was the one that negotiated the deal between Safir and Hi-Tech. This does not apply to the 20XX cars which were...
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    Door number lights like Le Mans

    Have a look at the door roundel light "How To" article posted in the How To section of the forum for a detailed discussion of this issue.
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    JM Check out my detailed description of the fuel pump problem in link below...

    JM Check out my detailed description of the fuel pump problem in link below: I suggest you contact Dennis Olthoff at Olthoff Racing to get the parts you need. If you need more help contact me directly...