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  1. Stephen Ducker

    Daytona MK1 1049 1967

    1109 has run with these bulges in the past.
  2. Stephen Ducker

    gt40 Factory Drawings wanted

    That's right, these have both been reproduced in the past but I'm not sure if they are still available.
  3. Stephen Ducker

    Alan Mann Racing Win Ford Award's,on%20or%20off%20the%20racetrack. As per the link above Henry & Tom Mann recently accepted the 'Spirit of Ford Award' from Edsel B...
  4. Stephen Ducker

    SPF MKII what is this?

    It could be off of the side of a relay, similer to this sort of thing.
  5. Stephen Ducker

    Happy New Year

    I'll start the ball rolling, currently just over three hours of 2023 left in the UK. A safe, happy & successful 2024 to all forum members ! Steve
  6. Stephen Ducker

    Big block motors

    I don't think that was possible. The Mk2 is a modified Mk1 to accept the big block motor & matching transmission.
  7. Stephen Ducker

    Hello and Merry Christmas from New member

    Welcome to the forum & Happy Christmas.
  8. Stephen Ducker

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Happy Christmas to all !
  9. Stephen Ducker

    Jokes anyone? -

    “The one thing women don’t want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their husband.” – the late, great Joan Rivers.
  10. Stephen Ducker

    GT40 prototype floor and center tunnel details

    That's not a picture I like to see, the fatal crash of GT40P/1000. R.I.P Bob McLean
  11. Stephen Ducker

    New LlamaBite YouTube Channel

    Thanks for sharing. The Abbey Panels / FAV one is fantastic.
  12. Stephen Ducker

    Road Coupe vs Race Coupe

    Brian's correct, in fact that's the very first car, GT101. One of the 12 prototypes, GT101 to GT112. Considered a total loss at the time by FAV it was replaced by GT103 in the team. That accident was at the April 1964 Le Mans test day. Happily Jo Schlesser was not injured. Perhaps the first...
  13. Stephen Ducker

    Windscreens - real and aftermarket, whats the difference.

    In line with Tom & Bart's comments, wouldn't an original / old stock 1960's screen have a British Standard Kite mark rather than an E-mark ? It would be Made in England surely. A bit of info. here,
  14. Stephen Ducker

    1:8 scale model

    Hi Bill, I got that one when it came out. It only cost £300 to £350 at the time, one of my few right moves !
  15. Stephen Ducker

    1:8 scale model

    These sort of monthly kits look like financial suicide to me. That money would buy a lot of die cast ! & without the possibility of the company failing to supply every isue..
  16. Stephen Ducker

    Erich Zakowski RIP

    He leaves a great legacy. RIP Erich.
  17. Stephen Ducker

    The Fox Body Porsche Killer: The Story of the 1981 Zakspeed Mustang.

    My favouriite rallycross car & driver, who pioneered using Zakspeed engines in rallycross. (Love the victory lap in this one !)
  18. Stephen Ducker

    Bryan Wingfield - Help Needed

    Sorry to hear about Bryan's problem. A cruel thing to suffer from. Graham, thanks for posting. Regards Steve
  19. Stephen Ducker

    The legendary Le Mans suitcase

    1966 Le Mans Mk2 spec. above 1967 blue Mk2b & red Mk4 to complete the set, below.
  20. Stephen Ducker

    Spa Sixhours 27 sept - 1 oct 2023

    Great entry list. Thanks for sharing.