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    Wilson Fittipaldy RIP

    Wilson Fittipaldy, Former F1 driver in the early seventies (Brabham '72, '73, '75) Brother of Emerson Fittipaldy. 25 december 1943 - 23 februari 20024 RIP
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    Daytona MK1 1049 1967

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    Wolseley 6/90 revival

    I got rid of the drone by fitting two resonators in front of the exhaust system.
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    I love my old Suzi's The black one I own for 25 years, the blue one came along seven years ago.
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    Is it worth putting in a 427 side oiler?

    which 40 are you refuring to? The Lola GT mk6? Or anything between the Lola and the GT40 mk5? GT40s won races with the big block FE where the small block 289 all failed. It was a FIA decision to end the big cubic inches to a 302 max where Ford desided to sell the program to JWA. Where JWA went...
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    Is it worth putting in a 427 side oiler?

    These days, the 427 FE Alloy engines are far better and 45% lighter than the cast iron versions. Not sure if you can make a side oiler out of any FE engine. Shelby lists even complete alloy 427 FE...
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    GT40 or FORD / side stripe

    At least Ford themselves did put Mercury on a few. P1015, P1016, P1047 & P1053
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    How far into the build before paint?

    Had mine finished 95% before paint. After paint is was just a matter of putting the body parts back and get the windows & lights back in. and some minor adjustments here & there. Mine went to IVA fully done.
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    Rear Clip Support

    Also available in 32mm, as used on my nostril
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    Jan de Rooij RIP

    Paris Dakar rally raid legend Jan de Rooij just died today after a short time of illness at the age of 80. Jan was very famous in the Dakar rallys with his DAF twin engined trucks where he overtaked the rally cars on top speed. You will be remembered. RIP Jan.
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    Fuel tank connections

    Its Southern GT40 now. Still fabricating a lot of GT40 related stuff. +44 1489 789143 [email protected]
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    Fuel tank connections

    Have you asked Mick? He's still out there doing GT40 stuff.
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    The Regeneration of a Once Loved and Unique GT40

    You are doing well seeing your pictures. Just a few years back I did the same, fitting a GTD mk2 body on a KVA "B" type chassis that suited a KVA mk3 body kit. Just a way of logical thinking, cutting & welding chassis points to merry both together. Trial & error till "you" get satisfied.
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    Switch for dual full pumps?

    Just an "on-off-on" switch same style as your other switches. Your fuel pumps will be powered by separate relais & fuses. Left on = left fuel tank, right on = right fuel tank. Middle is fuel pumps shut off.
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    SPF GT40 MKII Ken Miles Livery Build

    Fords never leak! They mark their teritory. That said, even Winsor engines will do so over time.
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    SPF GT40 MKII Ken Miles Livery Build

    427 FE has the sound (way better than the 302) 427 FE has shit loads of torque (way more than 302). Original 427 FE was build for 24hrs enduance hence the lower rpm power band (& longer gears) but it is able to do more rpm, but if you do a 24hr endurance..... reliability wins the 24hrs..keep...
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    Merry Christmas to all

    JP & Linda, the Netherlands
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    Single nostril scoop

    I had mine from Lee Dawson.
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    MDA body fitting questions...

    Spider with doors first, youll need windscreen also as its part of the spider and keeps the spider in shape. Front & rear clip second. Sills at last.
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    P 1000 w

    Its for sale.