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    Mazzei Formula 5 Rotor Turbo SLC

    One heck of a build! That nose structure is stout for sure. Where your "coolers" are is where my AC condensers are, they freeze the evaporator :oops:
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    Manta Cars

    I just saw a video you had done on this car, good stuff. From the color of your hair in some of the shots ..... you've had it for awhile (?) :D
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    Manta Cars

    Neil, Were are all certainly pleased you are feeling better. Any shots of the interior and engine compartments? What are the blocks under the fender mirrors? Jongbloed (sp?) wheels?
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    John Horsman

    Awesome stuff Neil, thanks for sharing!!!
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    How fast or quick are the SLC's?

    Looks like that same car did a 34 !!!! one year as well. That is insane fast.
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    How fast or quick are the SLC's?

    That's going pretty good, I think that would be good for pole in the 25 hour depending on what shows up. IIRC a full-on current carbon-fiber-everything LMP car went a 39 to set pole recently (I think I'm remembering that correctly).
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    Miata Door Handles -available

    Winner, winner, winner A new place of honor has been found on a dusty shelf somewhere else :) Enjoy Brian!
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    Miata Door Handles -available

    Door handles available (2) sets of exterior and (1) set of interior. Now, I know what you're thinking.... "How can I stay married when I'm blowing the kids inheritance on such high quality fine ingress/egress hardware such as this?" Well I tell ya', you only live once Pal. Step off the porch...
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    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    Randy, Are you saying the residuals can reduce a given amount of pedal travel? Both Howard and I have the Wilwood residuals currently.
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    Isle of Man TT fastest ever lap 136.358mph

    Never had the desire to run IOM, probably because I was a late starter in my MC racing career. Although, I certainly have respect for the the men that run at the front of the Senior. Not only can they process at the speed of light (comes with the territory), the more important thing is the...
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    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    I have been waiting impatiently for the next M6 Twin Turbo build video. Ahhh Charlie, always easily recognizable in the obligatory Hawaiian race crew shirt!
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    LS7 Crate Engine Track Use Upgrades

    Low or inconsistent oil pressure could have "done" your crank bearings in short order. I would not be surprised if the rod bearings showed similar wear. In my racing days every time the engine came apart it was standard procedure to replace all the clam shell bearings.
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    917 Del Mar, CA

    LOL.... No truer words. And yes, those are high pressure fuel injection lines running on top of that fender liner. Not the best place - would be a huge understatement! Cool build, would love to get more information on this. I'd be interested in seeing how he is ducting air to the radiators.
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    Lotus 38 ish Replica

    Ferrari, Pagani?......Trade that kid in! ;)
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    Lotus 38 ish Replica

    Hey Ben, Welcome "back". I saw your 38 video from the last Lotus event at Crow's. It would have been nice to see the 38 in action but, chose different events for that weekend. Still want to see that build in person! Cheers.
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    slc vs gtr

    The SLC has a smaller frontal area and is most likely lower drag. All things being equal the SLC would be faster, at least in top speed (depending on wing use or wing angle). Do you really mean RACING (as as opposed to track days)? If your "racing" is actual door to door road racing, then there...
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    Really cool Prost/Senna F1 car disassembly video

    Updated "Engineers Cut" just posted. Fascinating stuff.
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    Ron Bradshaw - GT40 body designer

    Way cool Peter. Thanks for posting, we'll take anything you'd like to 'talk' about.
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    Mazzei Formula 5 Rotor Turbo SLC

    While your at it - raise the upper front shock mount (relocate mount holes) to clear the A arm pivot bolts. It will make removing the shock a whole lot easier in the future..
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    Michael's GT-R Build

    You meant to say polystyrene right? Have you done this latex 'seal' coat? It works? Neat cost savings if it does.