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    Origional T70 Moulds??

    Yes !!! Absolutly they are !! As TWM is the former Specialised mouldings company being the original company who carried all Lola mouldings for years and Years This is afantastic auction to be there ad acquire those tools : invaluable stuff for sure !!
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    New Carbon GTV8

    As usual your work is mre than "excellent" !!! Not enought phrases to congratulate you and helpers .... and ... happy new 2024 year with man good luck for this "formidable "project :D
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    Chassis Design

    Hi the guy in France who started his channel on you tube have drawn by himself the chassis tube just inspired like many others builder by old frame drawings existing on many forum and here also .... There on our beloved forum ;) there was long time ago another French man who did similar...
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    M6B Tragic

    Many thanks Udo for your so big help !! No pressure at all ; am waiting patiently for those important dimensions .. LOL !! While waiting I have been deeper on small details on the monocoque tub .... Wish to you and family all the best for 2024 and agood use of your toy :D Same wishes for your...
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    Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Bon Noel à tous !!!!:p Et ...... Bonne année 2024 ;) :D:rolleyes:
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    M6B Tragic

    You could be proud of what you have been able to built and organise as a project and effectivly can give a thanks to Clayton ( this invaluable friend ) Enjoy your christmas and bedding time !!!! and remember ...... Do not put pressure on our mind when driving your car , just drive at our peace...
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    CANAMSA - SA stratch build

    Wahouuuuuuu ! Congratulations !!! You are doing a masterpiece ...... I am in owe at that superb body moulding ; what a professional work !!!!! Ma be better than a pro !!!
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    McLaren M20#73

    Hi Andy Is not advisable to chrome the Roll hoop ; prefered if you find the right guy to have it nickeled with ver specific process and being absolutly sure that all welds are continuaous with leaks at all ( they need to plounge the rool hoop in acid !!! ) so if uou did not drill "thru " holes...
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    McLaren M20#73

    Hi Andy one of the most effective front wing ( to my humble opinion is the one used on chassis 3 ( see some pics at donington some year ago ) Provided you fit under each sides some spoiler with a lip down about half inch ; remember with such a wide underfloor ( even you think to install a...
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    McLaren M20#73

    Ha yes !!! that's a very good reason !! I remember having hard time to source those countersunk smaller rivets
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    McLaren M20#73

    Hi Andy As usual you are doing an exeptional good work !! May I suggest one detail you are thinking to cover with an 1.2mm thick foil ; you can use an 0.8 one and you will have only the edge to bend over a tube , then the cover will take easily the form just pusching and "clecoing" ,once...
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    Saving money with dimension

    Just look at those !!!! for those interested in building their GT ...if not able to afford building aGT40 just build a GT 35 !!!! LOL Small engines BIG drivers fun to race !!! LOL
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    I am new here, so I would like to begin by adding something useful.

    :rolleyes: May I add some "tricks " to help beginners not to go on some little issues ; 1// To be sure that the gelcoat will not be melted with the first lay of resin ; it's advisable once the first lay of gel is cured to paint another thin lay of similar gelcoat and let it cure . this prevent...
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    I am new here, so I would like to begin by adding something useful.

    Read this article ; all basics are welll reminded but .......; There is something strange writed on the gelcoat procees to do ; :oops: Once cured, sand down the surface and remove any imperfections ready to lay up the first layer of fibreglass. In any case don't do that!!!!!!! gelcoat...
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    Scratch build MK IV

    Looking fo forward to watch how you did solve this arrangement ;)
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    Scratch build MK IV

    Where are you positionning the tie rod arm connected to the steering box ? from the pics seems to be very tight space due to the antiroll bar levers :oops: Is it only a "photo effect" ? brae calipers are fit on rear of the upright I guess ??
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    917 parts resources?

    Looks also that you got better skills and better kit parts that this french Guy !!! :rolleyes: He his trying to built his 917 kit since september 2019 and is far away from your progress ...... !!! keep on your good work ;)
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    Buying and owning a tank

    LOL!!!!! Yes a nice built story done with grandsons !!!! But now too busy with models to start any built log :D:D
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    Buying and owning a tank

    And why not building one by your self ...... LOL ;) Lot of fun with limited expences !!
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    Homemade CFRP mid engine sports car

    Hi Paul As usual very neat work !!! Some question regarding this part ; did you thought that dampers will introduce loads not only at the angle they will have when fit to the wishbone but there will be also a residual load ( and apreciable in term of amount!!) pushing down the middle part of...