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    FS USA Weber 48 IDA throttle cable bracket ***SOLD***

    Sir you can't send it to belgium please? i Pay your the transport cost reg Benjamin
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    ZF 5DS-25 Type 2 For Sale

    is this still for sale ?
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    body catches HELP

    Hoi René were can i order these latches and what is the price for a total set ?Benjamin
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    Vickers fuel cock wanted

    Contact Peter Hill he can help you !!!!
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    Gurney Westlake Valve Covers Needed

    Hartwell Latge Surching for my GTD40 A complete set of Hartwell latches if poss original or perfect copy
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    Brian Withworth Vickers Fuel Cock

    Good morning Brian i try to find it out today,poss this afternoon i build in the fuel cock after i send you pictures Please let me know if you need some parts for your car If i can help !!!!
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    MKl Style Fuel Cock

    Thank you i have found already one thanks to Brian Withworth
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    Brian Withworth Vickers Fuel Cock

    Thank you Brian Withworth for the Super Vickers Fuel Cock so happy with it
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    Original Vickers 3 tap Fuel cock

    Would like to buy a original Vickers fuel cock for my GTD Regards Benjamin VR Belgium 0032475777968
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    MKl Style Fuel Cock

    Hello Members I would pay a super price for a Mk 1 fuel cock please when you haven someone for sal regards Benjamin, Belgium
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    back on the site

    Back on the site Benjamin Van Riet Belgium Ford GTD40 When someone have A original Vickers Fuel Cock for sale please let me know regards
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    Show Me Your Weber Setup!

    Re: Show Me Your Weber Setup!Problems water in my brandnew cylinder 302 Boss Ford Rac Hey I bought A brand new 302 BOSS 500 hp racing engine by Ford Racing after receiving the engine I build my Ida 48 Webers with inlet mani fold from my former small 302 Windsor engine.,Problem is that after...
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    Grand Prix Revival Nivelles Belgium 29Th June

    When everything stays together i'm in.......
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    GTD Mania from Belgium

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    GTD Mania from Belgium

    Hey I'm Benjamin Van Riet from Belgium and since the Spa 6 hours 2013 introduced by Réne De Ridder in the small GTD 40 world.,started by driving René's car on the way home from Spa I found his car more than super and totally different and more spartans than the other cars I was used to drive...