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    ClubCobra - anyone know what happened to it?

    Don't think the site is gone. Frequently there are temporary shutdowns or difficulties in bringing the site up. This has been going on for a few years now.
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    Need cooling help please

    Agree that the repair is worth a try. I'm not optimistic you're going to get the balancer off and back on with SPF clearance. Also towing the car and having the engine removed is way more complicated.
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    Need cooling help please

    Can the balancer be removed without removing the engine? Looks pretty tight on my SPF with Roush.
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    New Jersey Titling of a Replica

    Oregon has self serve gas as of 2023. Only NJ left.
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    SPF MKII Cabin top roof vent tube question

    If you look carefully those are not rivets, but very small metric allen heads. I got that panel off without paint damage.
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    Need cooling help please

    I would agree with Lee's advice Mike. Yes the waterpump can be removed with the firewall off and serpentine belt removed, but best to determine what if anything is causing overheating. Weeping from the waterpump would not cause this,
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    SPF MKII Cabin top roof vent tube question

    It's been awhile, but I think if you remove the exterior plate on the roof you can access the vent housing.
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    Need cooling help please

    You might only have to put new gaskets in. That happened to my Roush 427SR waterpump years ago.
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    SPF GT40 MKII Ken Miles Livery Build

    My advice is find out about registering a replica car in NJ first. NJ appears to have difficult laws about replicas. I assume you're considering Superformance? If so contact the NJ dealer:
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    SPF GT40 MKII Ken Miles Livery Build

    Yes the block code would be modern. They are built with new Dart 4 main blocks. Getting an engine built with a 1960's block will be difficult especially for the power output you want. It would help to know what state or country you plan to title in.
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    SPF GT40 MKII Ken Miles Livery Build

    I would second the suggestion of getting a ride in a 40 with either an FE or Windsor stroker. The low down torque (over 480 lb. ft as low as 3K) may change your thoughts on high reving street engines. I raced a Formula Atlantic with 10,000 rpm redline for many years. Wild on the track over...
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    SPF GT40 MKII Ken Miles Livery Build

    If only street or very occasional track a stroked 351 with Quaife or RBT will work. Don't understand your 7000 rpm requirement. Either stroked 351 or FE will have very broad torque band. As JP says torque wins races. If you're not going with RHD or a t44 pure originality is gone anyway. If you...
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    The Regeneration of a Once Loved and Unique GT40

    Kudos to you for taking on this massive project. Look forward to more on the renovation.
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    Duratec 2.0 (or 2.5 V6) to Audi 012 transaxle?

    Have you looked at Renault possibilities? Some Lotus Europa owners have installed 2.0 Ford Zetec engines with Renault Fuego NG3 transaxles. Later Europas had a special bellhousing that matches 4 cylinder Ford engines (thru Zetec) with Renault transaxles. Some later Renault transaxles might work...
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    The Fox Body Porsche Killer: The Story of the 1981 Zakspeed Mustang.

    Zakspeed provided 1.7 and 2.1 L engines for Mustangs raced by Roush and Ford in IMSA's GTP category 1983 and 1984. With 600 hp the Mustangs were potent, but not reliable. I remember being on track with Bobby Rahal in one while I raced in GTU.
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    GT40, Bundle of Snakes exhaust and Spark plug wire sets?

    Use a universal set. Roush uses wires from above on their crate engines, but mine got burned in short order. Best to run the wires from below and use 90 degree boots with insulating covers.
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    Roush crate engine head gasket issues?

    More details such as displacement, iron or aluminum block, # miles on engine, etc. ?
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    Changes made to a MKII GT40 Superformance

    Just so potential SPF buyers know the vast majority of the mods you did were by choice. Nothing wrong with personalizing or optimizing your SPF. I had to do maybe half a dozen things to my Mk 11 when I bought it 15 years ago. As far as compliance issues that would vary depending on where you...
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    Enging Hoist Pickups

    I fabricated 2 plates with 'rebar loops' that bolt to the ends of the heads and allow easy lifting. Add a strap around the bottom of the trans to accommodate that. Also use a load leveler with the hoist to make balancing easier.
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    Superformance GT40 Transmission Mounting Bushes

    I was incorrect. Correct is part # 2045 and material is polyurethane, not Delrin.