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  1. S is Twenty!

    Hard to believe, but Congrats to all of you, members and moderators.
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    AM GT -01

    You're right, the rear clip is an alu unit and very well done.
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    AM GT -01

    Amazing restoration on Rex Myers GT40, the first of two Alan Mann aluminium car that did the 66 Le Mans trials. here at 2019 MCACN this week end
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    Original orange GT40 in Manitoba Canada.

    GT40P/1044 was Orange from the factory ! in 1966.
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    GT40 valve cover ?

    If this ad could help someone
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    Gt40 #109

    She was at MCACN this week-end
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    Original GT40 MK1 for sale

    There is two wonderfull original GT40 in Legendary's Show Room, 1028 and 1058 if you go around Toronto, it worth a visit at Legendary Motor Car
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    Vintage Firestone Gold Line Tires Mounted

    Wonderfull reality, she look like a die cast 1/1 scale! Great add on
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    J6 @ Amelia

    Really nice view, another one with GT40 and other wonderfull cars 'Born of a Blue Sky' brings the Amelia Island Concours to you
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    1006 in action at Reims...

    Old video but always cool to see a GT40 in action Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe Reims 1994 - YouTube
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    Paint code required

    might help? <a href=""><img border="0" width="88" height="31" title="Ford - Ferrari War - Daytona 1965 on Flickriver" alt="Ford - Ferrari War - Daytona 1965 on Flickriver" src=""></a>
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    Paint code required

    Hi Fran, I guess there is only two color for Shelby Racing Team, the light blue Vicking Blue seen on Cobra and Daytona and Guardsman blue seen on Daytona, GT40 and cobra in 1965 I bet on Guardsman for this Gt40.
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    Hi charley, I saw in gallery a Vickers fuel taps in French! Could you tell me more or witch...

    Hi charley, I saw in gallery a Vickers fuel taps in French! Could you tell me more or witch vehicule have it? Thanks Fab
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    Chassis identification

    Hi, When you compare the front of the tube and picture of first GT40 in Spain book, it's far from an original to me. The rivet construction is neat but don't seem original in anyway. This tub need expert eyes!!! No Vin numbers on Tub or rivet on body parts?
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    Rear wheel arches

    Question for Fran, Do you have the mold for the quad rear light? or is it an option at RCR?
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    original GT40 Sbarro

    Bravo Serge, continue, l'essentiel est d'avoir la passion, tout le monde n'a pas les moyens de ce payer un vraie GT40 et comme certains le disent à juste titre sur les post, une Sbarro fait partie de l'histoire des GT40, même si d'autres préfèreraient cacher cette partie nébuleuse de l'histoire...
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    Original Dome ligth

    someone told me that Hella stuf, i found few old Hella from earley VW bus or Beetle who look like but not exactly the same. Any idea of which other car was equiped with?
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    Ford advanced vehicles slough -- vin plate

    try Fran Kress, he's got both, FAV and JWA Kress Cobra and Shelby Mustang Parts, Accessories and apparel
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    Original Dome ligth

    Hi brett, Respect the rules of course! no problem, it's done and sorry for my english !