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    Has anyone ran a Haltech Nexus R5?

    Currently working on the wiring on my build, and have chosen to use the Nexus R5, as with all Haltech the quality and software is excellent, but these units have a lot of wiring to take care of, i used the terminated harness for car and engine, it’s has a huge amount of features, i also...
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    V12 engine for COUNTACH replica

    Have a look at these.
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    RF or DRB Windscreen

    Hi Pete If you still need a windscreen Give Warren a call from Kopelke kit cars he has them available Ph 0405 433 810
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    Vintage wheels

    Thanks for your help
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    Vintage wheels

    Been trying to contact Vintage wheels via email without success, have they closed down? or do they not respond to emails?
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    DRB gt40 parts needed

    Hi Steve, are you in Brisbane?, I’m in Capalaba, spending a lot of time on my build at the moment, happy to help out if you need any info, I hope to have mine moving under its own power by the end of the year.
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    DRB gt40 parts needed

    Hi Steve, did you manage to find a build manual? I have one that I can scan and email you a copy.
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    DRB GT40 owners.

    Hi Kyle I don’t know about driving them for any period of time, have only test driven someone else’s, but I am in the process of building one. I am happy with the way they are designed to be built, but tend to modify and change a lot of the parts to my own design and not go by the suggested...
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    Different Exhaust

    Has anyone seen an exhaust set up like this before?
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    5.3 stroker oil pan

    Thanks, I want everything to be "right" on my build, and will look at a dry sump.
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    5.3 stroker oil pan

    Hi all, I have only just been able to get back into my DRB #112 build, it’s been a rough couple of years, but I am back. I orionally had a Coyote engine but decided not to use that and now have a Boss 50 stroked to 5.3, originally sourced from DSS racing. Can anyone advise on the best direction...
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    Dans Group Ten GT40 build.

    All you guys should get in touch with Roger Higgins at Inov8 race engines
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    Dans Group Ten GT40 build.

    Coyote Power... Tick Light weight.... Tick Emissions .... Tick 8 stack throttle bodies... Tick I rest my case
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    Header Fabrication

    I Have just used Solar flux Type B and very happy with the result also Bob
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    What the heck is it?

    The only word that comes to mind is Horrible
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    Yeah, these people vote

    Remember Opinions are like Arseholes, everyone has one.....
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    Limericks anyone?

    There once was a fellow called God, who everybody thought rather odd, Apart from one lady called Maureen O'Grady, who worshipped the ground that he trod.
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    Are you a racist?

    And the Grand Ol US of A is systematically going around the Middle East destroying all the history of the oldest cities in the world that gave us all the language and mathematics that we need today, well done USA.... Start looking at who has, and still is, financing the so called terrorists...
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    5 ltr Coyote engine

    Hi John, I just got a M-6007-A50NA, $10,200 AUD delivered to Brisbane, brand new Cheers Bob
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    Remember when?

    It also makes no difference who you vote for. All politicians are the same, corrupt...