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  1. MotorEddy

    Wiring the Lights questions

    I'd also be tempted to have separate fuses / relays for right and left dip/main so that in the event of a fuse blowing or relay failing you'd only lose one side of your lighting, not be left in complete night....on a winding road....with an owl!
  2. MotorEddy

    The legendary Le Mans suitcase

    You can clearly see the luggage boxes either side of the transaxle on some cars:-
  3. MotorEddy

    hydraulic clutch release with southern gt quaife setup

    Dug out some old (20 years!) pics:-
  4. MotorEddy

    hydraulic clutch release with southern gt quaife setup

    @Eddw5493 When I fitted a concentric hydraulic slave on a previous car build I used a Saab 99 concentric slave and turned an adapter ring to mate between the gearbox bolt pattern and the base of the slave cylinder. The whole assembly took the place of the release bearing guide tube, which...
  5. MotorEddy

    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    You have blown my tiny mind! I had no idea that this type of technology was available for less than the cost of a Gigafactory. Looking forward to future posts showcasing what can be achieved. Thanks.
  6. MotorEddy

    Marchal headlamps on eBay UK

    Just spotted this pair of Simca SEV Marchal N.O.S. headlamps on eBay UK....might be of use to someone? They appear to have a lever arrangement to switch between left-dip / right-dip. No connection with vendor. Just my usual Friday browsing of the small...
  7. MotorEddy

    Road legal Porsche 962

    Apologies if this is a repost, but this video put a huge smile on my face today:-
  8. MotorEddy

    My 'completed' GT40 resto....

    Livery, stance and finish all absolutely on-point,@Andy318is ....just lovely.
  9. MotorEddy

    Steel welded frame vs Monocoque

    Didn't Eric Broadley prefer a rivetted aluminium mono, but Ford wanted a steel chassis to provide a (spurious) marketing tie-in with the upcoming Mustang? And so the GT40 was saddled with a slight weight penalty from the outset and broke transmissions and cooked brakes from the get-go? There's a...
  10. MotorEddy

    Southern GT #48

    Short length of 1" tube, notched at the end to make a half-round punch.
  11. MotorEddy

    Southern GT #48

    Sorry for the "radio silence". Change in personal circumstances mean that I haven't touched the car for a year. During that time, Mick has fully retired and sold Southern GT, and I need to re-plan the budget (or lack thereof).
  12. MotorEddy

    Lucas headlights beam pattern

    @Mark Boyers Did you have a problem getting a dipped-beam cut off pattern at your recent IVA? Oh....and congratulations! Can't wait to see it on the road.
  13. MotorEddy

    GT40 chassis XGT-2
  14. MotorEddy

    Does this look like an original car?

    That crossmember above the transaxle definitely looks like Mick's work.
  15. MotorEddy

    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Great start-up video, that a VM30 in the background? Now I'm really jealous!
  16. MotorEddy

    Tips for a noob MIG welder

    Good man. Looking forward to more of your videos on YouTube!
  17. MotorEddy

    Tips for a noob MIG welder

    For the relatively small amount of welding I do (all of which is mild steel), I found the Hobbyweld 5 bottles the most convenient. I bought a cheap solar-powered auto-darkening helmet from eBay UK and it's worked just fine. Like this one:- Under the...
  18. MotorEddy

    Self Tapping Screws -Suggestions

    How often are you thinking of removing and re-installing the hard lines? If they're staying in place for the next ten years, save yourself the aggro of self-tappers and just use sealed-end pop rivets. Should you ever need to drill them out, I'm sure you could squirt some box-section anti-rust...
  19. MotorEddy

    #1075 bulkhead question

    I think the lower part is an ignition amplifier? Close-up pictures of ignition amps in this thread:-