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    Owner of RF number 10. Kirkham Cobra Shelby 468. Porsche 911 S 2016 and 65 Porsche Speedster...

    Owner of RF number 10. Kirkham Cobra Shelby 468. Porsche 911 S 2016 and 65 Porsche Speedster. Boat and plane enthusiast. Steen Skybolt and RV8 aircraft.
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    Dash mods

    Thanks for the info Clayton.
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    Dash mods

    Good day all. Has anyone changed the dash at knee points with metal panels. I’m thinking of modifying my dash by cutting it and folding a metal panel - folding the lower return up. This would lift the lower return up allowing better access for my legs at knee level. The race cars have metal...
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    New GT40, require some help

    Unfortunately this person has found there way to this Forum. I think in the old west days the term was a snake oil salesman. Today this guy is the snake dream salesman looking to fulfill the dream of some vulnerable Cobra or GT40 enthusiast. The 50's called them the tin men........ Well done...
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    Australians - plates

    Hi guys Something that may interest the Australian Victorian GT40 owners? I have the Euro plate designed V GT 040 If anyone is interested give me a call. Obviously suited for the GT40 but may consider selling to a GT owner also. Best email me [email protected]
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    Ultimate GT40 trip

    Just getting ready to do a similar journey - but up the east coast of Australia this time...
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    Ultimate GT40 trip

    Driving Route 66 In a GT40 - Kit Car magazine
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    Ultimate GT40 trip

    Kit Car Magazine GT40 Route 66 - on Google is the easy way to link or find the story - enjoy it....
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    Ultimate GT40 trip

    I know this is an old story in the now closed Kit Car Magazine but I just found the story. Some of you guys may be interested in reading this. Today I drive the Aussie roads in my own GT40 and my Cobra...
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    Hi from Australia

    Buyer beware as compliance with ADR is not that simple. You need to get all of the detail specifications on the kit you are considering. Most suppliers will have all the tests etc. Talk with either the Australian suppliers or reputable kit suppliers from overseas whom are sending cars to...
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    GT40s in Australia

    I know Craig is busy so perhaps check out the club cobra site as there is a Thread there with lots of photos from Craig's factory.. BMK Thread
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    GT40s in Australia

    Cheaper GT40 are exactly that - basic cheap unfinished chassis and bodies. Be careful when looking at some of those cheap eBay cars as they just that.
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    Hi from Australia

    In Australia all of the SLC compliance has been completed by Craig in Queensland. Craig and his staff have worked closely with engineers and the Registration staff to ensure the SLC and other RCR cars comply to all of the ADR guidelines and rules. You need to talk to Craig first as he can...
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    New Aussie Member

    Simon Welcome to the world of GT40 ownership. Sounds like a good project. What Australian state are you based in. Bernie
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    This sound deadening great

    Hi all, I know that this Thread is a little old now, but thought I would update after seeing some additional interest. I used the Dynamat in the doors and behind the seating area. I also used it in the roof spider section. The floor section has the Dynamat and I have also added an under...
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    Fab photo - deserves caption competition

    "aah day tink dis will bet my Ferrari"
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    Side window opening flaps

    Mark Sorry yes, I should have mentioned to Geoff that I place a masking tape - adhesive paper - to the perspex and mark each bolt/screw hole. This tops the drill drift and splintering. The drill press is even better.....
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    GT40's in Canberra

    Andrew Great to catch up with you a Winton Raceway. Sounds like - and looks like in the pictures - a great day at Canberra also. I will try and make it next year as there appears to be plenty of room or another GT40. Will be down to the Heads shortly to see you....
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    Side window opening flaps

    Geoff I picked a few scrap pieces of perspex out of the waste bin from the plastic supplier to experiment with. I tried the fast drill method versus slow and steady. Then I used a hole saw. I even tried using a small saw. The practice and straight cutting prepared me for the final cut, which...