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    WTB: 930 1st/2nd Gears

    Looking for one of the following 1st and 2nd gear ratios. The shorter the better, but it depends on what I can find. 1st: 17:34 (2.000) 15:38 (2.533) 2nd: 19:33 (1.737) 19:34 (1.789) 14:27 (1.929) Also looking for a 930 Synchro Hub Removal Tools if anyone has one they are no longer using...
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    Dg-930 - Porsche 930 Transaxle Improvements

    Dave...this is amazing and exactly what I had envisioned to do. I have a Porsche 914 with a JDM Subaru Spec-C engine (400hp,8200rpm) and '05 Lotus Elise double-arm suspension. I previously ran a Porsche 901 transaxle and after blowing a few up, I am converting to a 930 dogbox. Since this is a...
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    FS USA 18:33 Ratio 930 First Gear

    All, I have a Guard 18:33 First Gear for a Porsche 930 Transmission. This is a taller ratio than stock and will give you more usable power in 1st gear. This gear is practically brand new. It was installed in a transmission and I don't believe it has ever been ran. The syncro hub is brand...
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    914 4 speed & HP?

    I am new here, but I have a 400hp 1800lb 914 and have ran a 901 successfully for many seasons. I don't use 1st gear and launch in a stock F mainshaft second gear. However, with recent power increases, sticker tires, and aero I am starting to blow up transmissions as consumable items. The 915...