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    F1 2010

    Not at all. Im a huge Alonso fan and have been since his first win in Hungary and I dont think Red Bull handed him the championship at all. The Red Bulls are obviously a quicker car... so pace in the next weeks race will not be a problem for Red Bull. They just need to qualify well and then...
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    keira knightly is on the bike. its for a photo shoot. I think I would be happy with both. ;)
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    since you now have a penske Lola.. will you be at Road America for the Mark Donohue/Can-Am...

    since you now have a penske Lola.. will you be at Road America for the Mark Donohue/Can-Am celebration?
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    My Lola

    Its a pretty good show so far.. but it doesnt feel like its a 100th anniversary. Not as many as cars as i suspected there would be. Take it easy and enjoy that lola!! i know its not your Lola but it is another car of yours...
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    My Lola

    RSC Photo Gallery - Can-Am Road America 1967 - Lola T70 Mk.3B no.6 - Racing Sports Cars I can find you more photos if you'd like. Evan -Are you going to be at Alfa Romeo's 100th Ann. in Maryland this weekend? Congrats on a great car!
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    P 4/5 May Go Racing

    who are you drivers?
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    I see that you are from Michigan. I am too.. where abouts are you?

    I see that you are from Michigan. I am too.. where abouts are you?
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    XGT-2 Paint Restoration

    here are a few photos from my blog.
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    XGT-2 Paint Restoration

    Very nice! If the owner is on here. I would love more info on the car. I know its history at LeMans but perhaps where it went after LeMans 1966 would be great. Thanks Evan
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    Sold My GT40

    jim. love the quote!
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    Sold My GT40

    Plus the car you chose actually is very harmful to the planet do to the nickel that the battery requires. The carbon footprint is the same as a Land Rover.
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    The Art of Racing In the Rain - Garth Stein

    i think it will just be narrated. so no moving lips for the dog. like a homeward bound movie style. hopefully at least. Im excited for it.
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    Le Mans, 1966 "Dead Heat"

    Also if Ken Miles won LeMans officially (we all know he did) i believe he would have been the only person to date to have won LeMans, Sebring, and Daytona.
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    Jokes anyone? -

    dont know if this was posted already. So there were two cows relaxing in the middle of the farm. One says to the other all concerned. "How do you feel about this mad cow disease?" The other cow replies "what the hell do I care, im a helicopter."
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    1965 Mark 1 Roadster #106 is alive.

    My friend (same one who's dad could have bought the Birdcage) bought and still owns a Mclaren M16 (or M15..always get mixed up ((Indy 500 car)) driven by Peter Revson for only $750. He also just recently got a somewhat body/chassis of an indy car that turned out to be Dan Gurneys personal Eagle...
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    1965 Mark 1 Roadster #106 is alive.

    If only they knew what we do/did.
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    name this car

    I could be wrong but i thought Judd made a few cars other than just engines.. but i could be terribly mistaken. But as for my guess this time... is it one of those Formula LeMans cars? Or a Peugeot of some sort. Not the 908 but the Courage-Peugeot's?
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    name this car

    is it a road car? perhaps that KTM thing? i think it had a carbon body like that. i think.
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    name this car

    A Lola or a Judd.. perhaps?
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    1965 Mark 1 Roadster #106 is alive.

    I was looking at an old Road & Track and saw that a Daytona Coupe was for sale at $6,800. If only I had a time machine. Also a good friend of mine, said that when he was my age (19) there was a Maserati Birdcage for sale in his area. The price was somewhere around $4,000 or in the ball park...