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    Avon stops production.

    sounds like good news
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    Rear Clip Support

    Hi JP, Do you have these fitted on your car? Do you have a pic? Because the diameter seems quite big 63mm
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    GT40 for Sale

    Hi Martin, sad to hear you are selling it! Very nice car, nicely build!
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    Jan de Rooij RIP

    He sure was/is a legend! May he rest in peace....
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    Greetings from a GT40 enthousiast in The Netherlands

    That's not too far from my place (Middelburg) If you ever want to come over and talk about cars and get some ideas for your build, be my guest
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    Greetings from a GT40 enthousiast in The Netherlands

    A very warm welcome from another fellow countryman. Where are you located? (I own a roadlegal MK1B)
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    Le mans Classic 2023 100th anniversary 24hrs

    I was confused, because Chris Black post stated that car as 1107, while I knew it as 1109 Wow, that's interesting.... Why would David Hart not bringP1079? But instead race a clone? Just compared the pictures I took with the ones I took in 2018, I must say it's difficult to spot any...
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    Le mans Classic 2023 100th anniversary 24hrs

    Did my bit of research: Grid 4 #1 Mk1 P1107 or is it P1109 ?? #2 Mk1 P1025 #3 MK1 GT105 #9 Mk1 ?? #12 Mk1 P1017 #24 MK1 P1064 ?? #38 Mk1 P1055 #44 Mk1 P1023 AMGT-2 #53 Mk1 P1040 #63 Mk1 P1079 #74 Mk1 P1022 #76 Mk1 P1113 Grid 5 #22 Mk4 ?? #25 Mk4 ?? #40 Mk1 P2240 #56 Mk1 ?? #65 Mk1...
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    Marvel Mystery Oil

    No, definitely don't dare to use it in my fresh engine. But was thinking of adding it to my fuel (in also my other cars) What do you mean by a cup? Cups come in many sizes ;-)
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    Marvel Mystery Oil

    Looking through the internet, you can use it in your fuel and engine oil. I also found that some use it in gearbox oil.
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    Marvel Mystery Oil

    Does anybody here have any experience with this stuff? A friend gave me 2 barrels, but I don'y know what to use it for. Or if I even should...?
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    GT40 tool that does not use a hammer

    I'm also a happy user of this tool! Works excellent and is of very high quality
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    Spa Classic 2023

    The dark blue no 98 (TPE99M) is P1109 The Alan Mann no 41 car, I don't know The baby bue (EPR5250) is P1017 The red no 76 is P1040
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    Modified fresh air duct front clip

    When I bought the car, it had air conditioning. I removed that already a long time ago (2016). Remaining a heater unit, which I only used for blowing fresh air, since heated air inside a GT40 makes no sense. So I decided to remove that heater unit, including all the plumbing and left-overs from...
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    Modified fresh air duct front clip

    So, eventually I came up with this solution, finished in carbon fibre and painted matt black to match the rest of the inside of the front clip: