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    Braided Stainless Clutch Line

    Thanks, Dave. They were discussing the flexible line only at the caliper; hard line everywhere else.
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    Braided Stainless Clutch Line

    On the Porsche forums, some discourage the use of braided brake lines, as they can contribute to a soft pedal due to expansion. My application is of course for the clutch line, so I don't know if the lower pressures would even be a factor. Again, 53" is pretty long.
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    Braided Stainless Clutch Line

    On my current setup, I have a steel hard line from a 0.75" clutch master to the firewall/bulkhead. From there, I have a 53" long braided stainless line (hose) to the clutch slave on an 01e transaxle. I seem to be getting less travel than what I might expect at the slave. Though the master/slave...
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    01E Clutch release bearing pre-load

    Dave, Standard 01E; bellhousing is machined that way from the factory. PM me if you have specific questions. Andy
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    01E Clutch release bearing pre-load

    Roger/Chris, My setup is a QuarterMaster button flywheel and clutch assembly. I utilized the standard 01E slave and allowed the release bearing to ride against the clutch fingers with the spring load built into the slave. I'm using the radius faced release bearing with an adapter to fit it to...
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    Driveshaft flange conversion? Hybrid shafts

    Steve, I made those some years ago. Can't say who might offer such adapters, but perhaps the guys in AUS or NZ, where the 01e seems to be quite popular in their GT40's, may know. Andys
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    Driveshaft flange conversion? Hybrid shafts

    As did I. Audi 01E tripoid to Porsche. Andys
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    Audi 01E 012 clutch pak kit

    Good point, Scott. The QuarterMaster setup mentioned in my post is rated at 500 ft/lbs. Andy
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    Audi 01E 012 clutch pak kit

    Chris, Just a few thoughts: The QuareterMaster pressure plate will require a spherical faced throw out bearing. The one in your photo is flat faced. Last I looked, the input shaft spline is not quite long enough to completely engage the QuaterMaster and Tilton dual disc setup, though...
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    Audi 01E clutch slave

    My 01e has a plastic slave cylinder retained by a single bolt. The body of the slave has a rubber sleeve where it enters the bellhousing. Remove the bolt and slide the metal the metal retainer off, twist the slave slightly to clear the retaining step on the transaxle, and it should pull right...
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    Those with LHD and the Audi 01E...

    Darrin, Although not in a GT40, I used that Celica shifter (somewhat modified) for the 01E. It has an adaquate enough gate for a 6 speed application, IMO. The photo is how I configured the linkage at the transaxle. Andy
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    Audi 2.5 TDI 01E gearbox

    Or if you're lucky, the transmission part number will be printed on a long narrow label affixed to the top of the housing i.e. 01E 300 047K; When cross referenced, the code is FRK. Andys
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    What will I need?

    Scott, The 01E output flanges are offset (about centerline) by 3/4", which in turn will make one axle 1.5" longer than the other. Just clarifying. Andy
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    How to identify an Audi transaxel

    For a cable actuated shifter, take a look the the Boxster 5 speed arrangement. They basically use a 012 transaxle. Andy
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    Source for light weight bolts?

    Ron, Try APC Fasteners for hollow bolts. Mostly sprint car stuff, but perhaps they have something you coud use. Andy
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    Griffin trans axles

    Schills, The shifter cables look to be from CableCraft (name on package). I've used CableCraft on various projects for years, and enjoy dealing with them. They build to suit, so a phone call, a credit card, and you're done. I suspect Delynn specs out the exact one's for his transaxle. I see...
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    trans for project

    The code DUK has arguably the best street ratios for a V8 application from the 012 series of transaxles, mostly due to its 3.56:1 R&P ratio. There's been some doubt with regard to its strength for this kind of application, though I don't know of any instances where anyone has actual experience...
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    914 4 speed & HP?

    The commonly adhered to 901 transaxle limit is 300/300 (HP/ft-lbs), so your 215 will match up just fine. Also, 1st gear is normally removed or not used, since it is over hung (not supported on both sides) and prone to breakage when high torque is applied. Some chose to retain 1st gear for...
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    Plating suspension parts....

    Electroless nickel plating is a viable option; doesn't promote embrittlement in the weld areas. It's not as blingey as chrome, but decent enough for improved corrosion resistance. Being not as thick as chrome plating, it doesn't tend to hide a crack, although critics will powder coat suspension...
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    O1e 6 speed box, weight & size? (for shipping)

    My 01e was shipped strapped to a pallet and bubble wrapped @ 75 Kg Andy