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    Fuel Pump Relay

    Earlier this week, the car would not start and I noticed that the fuel pumps were not running as usual when the ignition was turned on. As it turns out, the fuel pump relay supplied with the GM Fuse Box (GM Crate Engine Computer package) was sticking, due to having being overheated and...
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    polycarbonate spray paint

    I painted my lexan window borders with the Jerry Bickel border paint and did not get good results. I prepped the windows by scuff-sanding, followed by compressed air and a tack-cloth. The Jerry Bickel paint has little pigment, with the result that multiple coats are necessary. Perhaps because...
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    Fuel Filling and Venting

    I decided to add a "T" (Fragola Performance Systems Tee Adapter Fittings 482506 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing) into the existing vent system, above the valve (see my first post, above), with an adapter (Derale NPT To Nipple Fittings 98104 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99...
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    90 Degree Hinge For Sale

    I have a 90-degree rear street tail hinge that I purchased from RCR a couple of weeks ago, but have decided not to use. If you would like it for $100 plus shipping, please PM me.
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    rear view Camera

    I went with a Boyo VTL425HDL license plate camera, feeding the video into my smartphone using an S-Cam video to smartphone USB adapter, similar to this one: Brandmotion 9002-2800 Android Smartphone Backup Camera Interface Kit Rearview | eBay The phone is magnetically mounted to the center...
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    Brake Question

    I haven't had a chance to drive the car yet, but the problem may be resolved. Swapping the front master cylinder back out to 3/4" has now yielded a hard pedal while pushing by hand. Of course, the real test will be driving and testing deceleration or maybe even locking up a wheel. 3/4" (on...
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    Brake Question

    Ken: I'm glad you commented on this. This was news to me and it turns out I've got the wrong master cylinder connected to the clutch, with no clutch stop. Just in case I'm not the only ignorant one, I posted this: Master Cylinder Sizes I don't think this explains the squishy left caliper, but...
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    Master Cylinder Sizes

    Ken made a comment on another thread that got me to thinking and researching. As near as I can determine (and I might be wrong, so please someone tell me if I'm wrong): There are three master cylinders included with the SLC kit: two with 3/4" bore (stamped ".75" on the side) and one with...
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    Brake Question

    Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! Cliff: Near as I can tell from reassembly and visual inspection, the pads are centered in the calipers. There is an almost imperceptible movement of the pads as the pedal is pressed and when the brake is released, both pads appear flush to the disc and...
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    Brake Question

    You guys are right, of course. There is an O-ring inside the cylinder bore. I didn't see it behind the dust cover. I tested again with the left line capped at the caliper and the right caliper connected. The brake pedal moved about 1/4" and then was very firm. I pulled the pistons out of the...
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    Brake Question

    I am having a problem with the brakes and am wondering if anyone might have seen something similar, or have a solution? My car has the Tilton floor pedal assembly with balance bar, Brembo brakes and (currently) 5/8" Wilwood Master cylinders. There are about 100 street miles on the car and brake...
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    Wheel Camber Settings

    Just wanted to pass along some feedback on the Fastrax unit. I bought one, but was finding the results were not making a lot of sense and didn't compare well with either the professional wheel alignment printout from a few days prior or the results from a digital level. Turns out, the tool...
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    Interior Panels

    I used black anodized screws along the outside bottom edge of the door panels (i.e. only visible when the door is open). These camouflage pretty well against the black leather. At the middle of the door panel, there is a leather door pull. Each end of the pull is secured with screws into a...
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    Fuel Filling and Venting

    My car had an issue with a fuel smell in the garage and cockpit. The tank vent was a simple line that went up above the level of the tank and then down to the bottom of the frame. The smell was corrected with the addition of a valve Fuel Cell Pressure Relieving Vent Valve, In-Line, 6AN Male |...
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    Spare Mirrors

    If anyone needs a set of side mirrors as supplied with the SLC kit, I have a set available that I didn't use (I adapted Corvette mirrors to my car). I have no idea what they're worth; If you need a set, for a reasonable price they're yours.
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    Suspension Lubrication

    +1 for using Cerulean grease on the heim joints. My car had lots of squeaks, which were apparent on the first drive. To address this, I disconnected each heim joint so the ball could be rotated and greased. The heim joint housing does a pretty good job of wiping the ball as it is rotated, but...
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    Another SLC hits the streets

    That looks like a more cost effective solution than what I just ordered: One of these Aeromotive Fuel Filters 12348 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing and one of these Aeromotive Fuel Filters 12349 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing. These are 100 and 40 micron...
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    Another SLC hits the streets

    After about 14 miles, the engine started running very rough and after about 1 more mile, quit completely and wouldn't restart. Fortunately, I have been just cruising the neighborhood, so didn't have very far to push the car back into the garage, where I could close the door and hide. A big...
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    Another SLC hits the streets

    Thanks for the compliments, guys! :) With regard to the hinged front, here's some information I emailed to someone else who asked a similar question: The front on my car will open with the hydraulic shocks in the fully down position. It won't open to 90 degrees, but will open to the...
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    Another SLC hits the streets

    It is a Ford color: Sonic Blue. The attached photo shows the numbers, but they don't include a "pinch" of pearl added to the can. Unfortunately, I don't know how big a "pinch" that was! :)