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    SL-C Nose Hinge Group Buy

    Put me down for a set ... many thanks guys.
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    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    Hey guys, fantastic thread. Paul, did you receive your axle shafts? Any updates to this thread? Just replacing my first set of fronts (Delaney adaptor, SKF Hubs) putting slicks on this week and from the sounds of things I better replace the rears right away as well.
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    Another SL-C finished in Dallas

    Congrats John, looking forward to a ride!
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    ReinCarNation Magazine photo contest

    175 to 127
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    Graziano Gearing and Drop Gears

    Hey John, I received my Graziano back with the new drop gears, installed it this weekend and took it for a drive today. Looks like it is working exactly as expected ... about 2100 RPM at 70 mph in 6th gear. I should be ready for COTA now! Everything was professionally done, many...
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    My Texas Title Experiance

    Hey guys, I registered mine in Dallas 2 years ago as a 2016 ASVE (Assembled vehicle) and it was quite simple. The tax was only like $75 as Cam stated. To get the VIN: 1) VTR 68-A from local police auto theft unit to confirm the car and parts are not stolen. In Dallas - 214-653-3430...
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    New canards

    I’ll take a set of CF please Cheers, Craig
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    Graziano Gearing and Drop Gears

    I also am in! I have PM'd you John. cheers, Craig
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    New transaxles for SLC?

    I just spoke with Erik and as noted, he makes the gears and they are $2,000. It is apparently not rocket science but it is about 10 hrs of labor from someone that knows their way around a transaxle ... he estimated $1,000 + shipping to/from Colorado. It is not something that can be done...
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    New transaxles for SLC?

    Hi All, I wanted to revive an old post to see if anyone has changed the drop gears in the graz and see how difficult it is. I am considering doing this but would like to know what I am getting into. cheers, Craig
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    Mid-engine vette?

    Yes, that was my first time on track with the SLC ... Lots of fun.
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    Pete B's Build Thread

    Ok, fantastic, I didn't recognize them. Cheers, Craig
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    Pete B's Build Thread

    Pete, I created a very similar shroud but I found it was still getting quite warm in the cabin from the radiator. I bought a roll of reflective insulation from Home Depot and ran it behind the shroud covering the exposed footbox to the left and right of the shroud and I also covered the brake...
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    SLC alignment

    Thanks guys, I forgot the specs were in the manual.
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    SLC alignment

    Hi All, I looked for a similar discussion and haven't found one and it goes without saying I've watched Alan's videos. I want to discuss alignment settings and I know it is a function of car purpose and personal preference to some degree. I plan to use my SLC for street use and one...
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    Canadian ownership

    There seems to be a gap in the definitions above: "Kit Cars Definition: a complete body of a motor vehicle, not including an engine, chassis or drive train. Kit body is a replica of an existing or vintage motor vehicle." therefore an SLC is not a Kit Car. It would seem to be a Homemade...
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    Texas SLC owners

    Howard, Did you get my PM? I got a note saying your box was full. Cheers, Craig
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    Order placed!

    Congrats John, as soon as I make sure I have the kinks worked out of mine, I plan to take it down to COTA. What color are you thinking?
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    Craig's SLC

    Hey, not a problem, thanks Cam. Was going to clean it up a bit this weekend and then post some. As you can see I haven't had time to paint the mirrors yet, but I prefer driving it with unpainted mirrors than not driving it at all. cheers, Craig