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    Killer 331

    PhotoPost Classifieds - BOSS Block 331 NEW build for sale! - Powered by PhotoPost Classifieds Sorry guys, here is the link. This was being built for a high end open track Mustang project that got derailed. It is done right.
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    Killer 331

    Over on Club Cobra there is an engine for sale at a remakable price. I know the individual Morgan Leblanc who has/built it and it is the best of eveything, huge sacrifice moneywise. If you want a track motor that needs nothing this is it and it is fresh.
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    Gonna do it. Lotus Esprit SBF.

    Many years ago I was involved with a friend who was commissioned to add a turbo to a Lotus Esprit. As I recall it was originally carbureted (?) He fabricated manifolding and installed a good sized Turbo sucking through a 48 DCOE with big chokes. They were running upwards of 22 lbs of boost. It...
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    Cole Hersee Rotary Switches

    http:// http:// http://
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    Exhaust design calculator

    JAC.....he was speaking of cylinder pairing on 4 cyl engine. Read further.....
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    Info on Sperry Engines in Cedar Rapids, IA

    Stephen: Sourcing the engine locally is very good advice. If you find yourself in need of anything other than a tuning issue, trying to get the car or its engine to the builder becomes a prime concern and a real PITA. Think ahead.
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    Ford Racing 5.0 GT40x and quad 48IDA carb tuning

    140 main with 215 air corrector is too lean. Put the 37 chokes in and use a 55 or maybe 60 f10 idle jet with a 100 or 110 air corrector. Then a 145 or 150 main with close to a 190 air corrector. Keep an eye on your plugs. The Comp Camps recomended cams are pretty conservative. 37mm chokes...
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    Distributor gear on small block Ford

    Assuming the material match is correct. A couple of things that are not often discussed that can wipe out the gear relatively quickly is incorrect end float of the installed camshaft and the thrust clearance on the distributor shaft. If a replacement gear is installed the distributor the correct...
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    Boss 302 crankshaft question

    Colonel how does that pencil out? Smaller diameter = larger bearing surface? THAT English Math?
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    Boss 302 crankshaft question

    I have a Steel Ford Boss 302 crank (3.00" stroke) that has the mains cross drilled (as were only 69's) however it does not have the plugs in the crank throws that were held in with snap rings (like 427 FE). It has markings from LA Billet who I believe was absorbed by Cola but is now out of...
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    Cam change

    A well built 302 will never have to shy away from a gunfight. Bench racing doesn't win you any races but Traction will and keeping your foot on the floor with 400-450 HP will keep your attention and allow you to focus on your driving skills instead of your tire budget. This is a 289 soon to be...
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    Weber Carbs gurgling after shutdown

    Yes, change the pump bypass. The fuel within the acclerator pump chamber has nowhere to go after shutdown and while absorbing heat it expands, boils and then exits the Pump Squirters and drips onto the throttle plates and into the combustion chambers or onto the backs of the intake valves if...
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    Header Fabrication

    When I made the headers for my 289 in a Cobra I wanted to create some primary tube length to maintain or generate torque I used a Belt/Disc sander (manditory for proper fit after cuting) and many .035 thick cut off wheels in a 6" hand held Milwaukee grinder instead of a band saw. It is very...
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    Ford Racing 5.0 GT40x and quad 48IDA carb tuning

    Put 37 mm chokes in as you are currently strangling it with the 33's, thats why it noses over above 4500 RPM yet is very resposive in mid 3000 RPM. Try a 60 F10 idle fuel jet with a 100 or 110 holder. That will make the idle circuit leaner and help transition. The Bypass valve in the bottom of...
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    Header Fabrication

    If you use stainless you can purge the inside of the pipes with Argon and make it as pretty as the outside.
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    Header Fabrication

    Nice puddles, your friend knows how to weld!
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    FE motor query

    It may be a 410 Mercury Engine
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    Weber IDFs and Sticky Throttle

    You should move the links to the outer holes on the bellcrank. They must be parallel through their travel. You may lengthen or shorten them to move the starting point of the cable connection. The additional piece of metal you have added will not be necessary. The problem you are experiencing is...