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    Its official MK I GT40P 2426

    Some really nice upgrades on this car. Hope she arrives safe, in tact and on time. Fingers crossed for you.
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    Hello From JAPAN‼ SPF GT40

    What a beautifully filmed video of a stunning example of the GT40.
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    Serious thoughts on CAV

    Mark, As others have said you really can't go wrong with any of the BIG 3. (CAV, RCR, SPF) Each has their own distinguishing features that one needs to determine how important that feature(s) is before purchasing. I've been to the CAV factory in S. Africa and met with both the current owner...
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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    Looking fantastic too! Well done.
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    Andrew, what a journey its been for all of us who have watched with keen interest you put 1001 back together. The finished car is a testament to your monumental efforts and perseverance and those that put her back together. Big applause to your wife for creating a lovely film documenting...
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    How it's done

    Nothing like the sound of a race car giving it the beans....brilliant stuff.
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    GT40 REUNION - 1989 and other pics

    Cheers Markus. What a cache of photos that is.
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    Autosport Show 2019 Pics

    Cheers Mike. Enjoyed these.
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    Le Mans Winners

    Remarkable to see the evolution of race cars over the years. Great short video. Thanks Ian. I now drive an Audi R8 and its nice to see the factory wins Audi enjoyed.
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    GT109 at the Orlando Festival of Speed

    Great Pics Pat. Still like yours better!! :)
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    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    Very nice looking car Bill. Regarding #7, I too faced this same issue on my CAV. An option (I hope its still available) might come from none other then Holman Moody. I recall them offering a "Heat Shield" that might help you. The problem might...
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    Window Hardware

    Gelscoe....but it'll be pricey. Andrew of GT40 Gold Parts (member of this forum) is also a great resource. "Charley Farley" member name.
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    You got my vote Walt. Good Luck to you and the young photographer.
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    Old GT40 Photos

    I'd love to know more about the orange car. It seems to have a very interesting history. I've never seen a photo of this car before and with the added details its a real gem. If anyone has details I'll await with a very keen interest.
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    Grunt versus grip

    That video is intoxicating on so many levels. Great way to start my day! Cheers for posting Mike!
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    2018 NEC Classic Car Show pictures

    Great pics Nick. Thank you for taking them and posting.
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    Enjoyed your video Walt. Nice to hear you speak so fondly of your CAV.
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    KVA Project

    +1 with Howard. Would love to hear your spectacular car.
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    Daytona HSR 2018

    Thanks for posting your pics Michael. I was at the race also and agree this was a spectacular looking car up close. In speaking with one of the drivers (Chris) I asked him what speed he was hitting on the banking and he replied about 170-173. The car was running on Avon tires for those...
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    Part 2 of Don's Mk IV Build

    Very well done Mr. Nye. Stunning car and well deserved award.