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    MK 2

    John yes it is mine pesterd Fran with half a page of questions every 3 to 4 weeks for about a year before I placed order no regrets steve
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    MK 2

    John Im doing a mkII took delivery just before christmas pond block,Edelbrock heads & manifold,scat rotaing assembile 482CI ZF,single holly Fran thanks for posting the pics one of these days i will learn how steve
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    MReid I will second that thought RCR 40 mark II , ford FE ,ZFQ
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    Webers 'die' on hard acceleration

    keith check the jet stacks to make shure one has not vibrated loose steve
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    ZFQ new proposed GT40 transaxle

    chris what is the location of the suply and return ports in the case for the oil pump steve cayias