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    What Would You Change?

    Well, have finally decided to leave Oz and move to the good old US of A with my American wife and our two spoilt Beagles - plan to arrive Feb/March 2011. The US DOT has told me I can't bring my beloved Maserati with me, so my baby is up for sale, along with the house and all our 240v...
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    EVO Magazine Article

    Not 100% sure Mark, but I think the chase car is the Caterham R400 (Lotus 7 type 2 seater) - weighs about the same as a box of tissues and has a 2Lt 210BHP 4 pot - 0-60MPH in about 3.8sec! It is clearly out gunned on the straight bits, but the little Caterham is absolutely awesome under...
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    EVO Magazine Article

    Here is the video - if this doesn't make you get your 40 out of the garage, nothing will! Enjoy! Road and Track 2007 | Track Videos | Videos | evo
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    Magazine Article?

    Paolo Have a look at my post - EVO Article - the links are there. Cheers Greg
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    EVO Magazine Article

    Just opened the current issue of the fantastic UK EVO Magazine (issue 105) and there is a great feature - Road & Track Car Of The Year. Amongst the contenders, is a Hi-Tech GT40 - not familiar with this manufacturer, but boy, did they all love it. It was up against the cream of the crop...
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    Alternative Engine for your 40?

    Be the first one at lunch at the next GT40 Meet. Scooter is for the wife to follow you and pick up the bits that fall off. Click here if youre brave: Jet Beetle Merry Xmas to all! Cheers G
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    Snob - or wot?

    I think that any "genuine" GT 40 would have a very hard time keeping up with most of the replicas I have seen so far, and few could out brake them! A few good lines come to mind for any of the snobs out there: How about - Those who have all the answers usually don't know what the...
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    Spaceframe Chassis Construction

    Thanks Chris - I'm very familiar with this type of chassis - I'm more interested in the pro's and cons of the two different construction methods ie: box section Vs tubular. Cheers Greg
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    Spaceframe Chassis Construction

    Getting closer to a decision now, but a question for you engineers out there: All the spaceframe chassis I've seen so far seem to use box section, as opposed to using tubular construction. I guess using box sections, it would be easier to work with, cheaper and a hell of a lot easier to...
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    T-3 GT40s...

    ...if it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck......! Only its mother could love that. G
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    Tragic accident in Germany.

    It's posts like these that really bring home the quality of both this Forum and its members. If nothing else, this tragic accident has certainly confirmed a roll cage, full harness and on board fire system for me. When you think of the light weight, low height and power to weight ratio, it...
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    GT40 Australia Chassis #64

    Dave Have you seen the "Tragic accident in Germany post"? Has certainly confirmed a roll cage for me. When you think of the light weight, low height and power to weight ratio, it only takes one idiot on the street or track to wipe the smile off your dial. One member likened driving a '40 to...
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    5.4lt DOHC

    Good link Jim - although looks like an alloy 5.4 DOHC is going to be harder to find than an honest politician. Cheers Greg
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    Warts and all GT40 Australia #48

    As I understand it, it all depends on drive line loss ie: gearbox, tyre size/pressure etc. which is different for every car. As I understand it, about -15-20% is the ball park. If you talk to three different dyno operators, you usually get three different answers - bit like Economics graduates...
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    Warts and all GT40 Australia #48

    Pete Just wanted to say thanks and congratulations on one terrific build and the time you took to document it all. Spent two hours last night going through all your pages and got a real good feel for what to expect. It's quite clear I will have to have a very serious think about the DRB...
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    Bruce Whittaker's car delivered

    Absolutely fantastic - that's "sex on wheels"! Congratulations Bruce and Peter. Cheers Greg
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    Dark blue gulf livery?

    Have a look at Roaring Forties site (while it's still there). They have a great system where you can try a lot of different colour schemes and stripes to see what looks best. Cheers Greg
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    RCR Kits in Australia

    My understanding was that it was Sydney based until the business was sold recently to a DRB client and moved to QLD. No matter anyway - we are going to the Gold Coast Indy in October and am planning a visit to DRB at the same time.
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    RCR Kits in Australia

    Yeah.. judging from previous imports, it will all total anywhere between 15 and 25%...depending on declared value! Re: DBRs - had a look when they were Sydney based. Cheers Greg
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    RCR Kits in Australia

    Just wondering if anyone in Australia has or is contemplating an RCR kit? Looking at the US$ prices for their new deluxe kit they look real good value, even at US-AUD$.7150 exchange. How much of a headache do you reckon local registration would be - probably running with a new quad cam 5.7l...