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    GTD CAV Wheel bearings etc

    thanx mike.... but i find out now that the Bearings are from a BMW E28 ... i think its a other car the South african CAV GTD40... greetings from germany
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    Looking for CAV first series GTD 40 owners

    Dear guys i´m looking for CAV first series GTD 40 owners arround the world.. to help each other with parts... we´re you ...:-) greetings from Germany i´m owner of : Model Type : CAV 011010 VIN No: 0437S B L AU66 Assembled : jean Fourie
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    Wheelcraft Alloy Wheels – MK2 GT40

    Need a SET of Spinners for" Wheelcraft Alloy Wheels – MK2 GT40"for my early CAV GTD 40... can anybody Help me please....???? greets from germany guys...
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    GTD40 Original builders manual.

    dear mike.... can you help me although ..ß need it vo ra early GTD CAV.... thanx pat
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    GTD CAV Wheel bearings etc

    Dear Guys i´m looking for Wheel Bearings vor my 99 GTD CAV? From which donor .. beet will be a complete parts list for this car.. can anybody help me? greetings from germany