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    Ford 2007 Color Code Charts

    Here are the 2007 Color Codes for Truck/SUV/Crossovers.
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    Ford 2007 Color Code Charts

    Hey folks, One of the benefits of working in a Ford dealership is we tend to get a surplus of sale material from Ford, so I scoffed a couple of color charts. I know a few times guys guys are looking for color codes, so I uploaded them into the gallery. Keep in mind, what you see on the screen...
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    i am the austrian

    Hello Ernst, Welcome to the forum! I think you'll find some of the friendliest and most helpful people on the 'net on this forum. Even though we all come different backgrounds and from all corners of the world, we're united by our love of the GT40, and great cars in general. Enjoy. Joe
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    Engine Combos

    Paul...that Kinsler set up looks absolutely sick :-D I've noticed that Kinsler's tend to have longer runner lengths than other IR set-ups....cough...inglese.....cough....... That should go a long way towards making up the torque deficiency in Clevelands. But I wonder if such a long runner...
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    Engine Combos

    I always thought it was the other way around...i.e. the Cleveland suffered from lack of low end of torque. Doug: The Boss 302 is the original Clevor! Ford basically took the 289 Hi-Po (4-bolt mains, Mechanical lifters, forged rotating assembly) block, stroked it to 302, and mounted the 351 4V...
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    Engine Combos

    Chas: Thanks for the info.....I've always been a believer in no replacement for displacement. This warrants serious consideration.
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    EFI Butterfly Alternatives

    Well....not necessarily since the DFV was a road racing engine, some consideration had to be given to driveability. I can't imagine that having an on/off switch under your right foot was good for mid corner stability. I think you're right in that the major advantage of a sliding plate is...
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    Engine Combos

    MikeD, I'm partial to the Cleveland too. It's different and they can make big power from a small package (anybody remember Jack Roush's Tijuana Taxis?). Here's a combo I've been playing around with in my head.... Ford's new Boss 302 Block stroked to 331 cid, topped with Edelbrock 3V...
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    abs system on my GT40

    This a good question. When the day comes I get a 40, I thought about ABS. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as aftermarket ABS. Hmmmm..I sense a business opportunity. I should dig out my old microprocessor programmming books and put my engineering degree to good use (does anybody still use...
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    For those who knew JAYPSC

    I never knew he was so older than I am..... Godspeed Jay....
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    EFI Butterfly Alternatives

    According to my book "Anatomy and Development of the Grand Prix Car" by Sal Incandela, the DFV used sliding plates up right up until it's retirement in 1983. I need to read more into what advantage it would have, but I would imagine that a butterfly would have an advantage in terms of airflow...
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    Please help! Need pictures of Midnight Blue GT

    Ford Vista Blue might be a good choice. It's used on the current Mustangs and Ranger and is very distinctive blue. Pictures really don't do the color justice. Joe
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    N E W Superlight cars from R.C.R

    Fran, It's looks like you did it again. You changed the whole kit car industry with the RCR40, now you set your sights on the Ultima and the Noble! Awesome! Can you imagine the P with a Ford Duratec 35. Heck, that engine makes 265 in stock trim, and over 450 hp with twin turbos, and within...
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    What Engine Are You Using?

    It's not listed, but when the day comes that I order an RCR 40, it will be powered by Ford's new Boss 302 block stroked to 331.
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    GT90 from ground up

    Hmmmm....great idea. I always like the GT90. Instead of the Mod V8, any chance of fitting something like the original 6.0L V12. Heck...all you have to do is find a junked Aston-Martin DB9, Vanquish, or late 90's Jag XK. Or somehow weld two Duratec V6's together.
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    Really Cool GT40 Video

    Friggin' awesome, love the engine note. Guys was lucky he didn't smack the armco.
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    Trip to Chris's house

    Re: Trip to Chris\'s house [ QUOTE ] Ron Kimbal did some calender shots of my car.on a black background. They may have found there way into a poster. I recall seeing a big poster of my car in the background of a recent comedy hour show. I would love to know where you got the poster!! [/ QUOTE...
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    This may have been covered already, but I noticed that GT/103 ws up for auction. But I noticed it was rebodied with production bodywork, not the Shelby modified prototype body that it won Daytona with. Which leads me to my question. Has anybody considered doing a replica with the original...
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    Trip to Chris's house

    Re: Trip to Chris\'s house Hey...I just bought a poster of a GT40, and it's dark blue with a light blue "Gulf" stripe and red pinstripes.....just like the one posted above. Same wheels. They wouldn't happen to be one and the same?
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    Just bought an original MkII GT

    [ QUOTE ] A bit rough... [/ QUOTE ] Man, those gauges look like they could have come out of my 66 Mustang Fastback....