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    Mechanical tach

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    Mechanical tach

    I have a 5" Moroso / Jones 9000 RPM with tell tale, 5' cable included. Tach is in excellent condition. Looking for $150.00 + shipping.
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    House Bill 5194

    I sent a message. Hope this Bill will be signed.
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    Exhaust collectors

    New in box Flowmaster Force II SCAVENGER SERIES header collectors. If you guys are making your own headers these might help. Flowmaster's series of header collectors are designed to be used as a retrofit to existing headers and also as the collector for custom fabricated header systems...
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    Help! Coolant leak

    Chuck, I agree with Mick. Most likely it is the intake manifold gasket. This is a common problem on the small block windsor family engines (260, 289, 302, 351). Take your time when putting the intake on. Make sure everything is clean and true. Maybe you can use some long bolts with the heads cut...
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    8-stack ford modular injection system
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    Autolite In-line

    I believe Roush is making or going to make this set up. It's based on the inline but for FI.
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    Distributorless Ignition – Oil Pump Drive

    Article on the Ford EDIS.
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    1,100 mile Roaring Forties GT40 For Sale - Stunning Car

    Hi Dave nice GTX. I live right up the street from you (well sort of) I'm in Woburn. I am pretty sure I have seen your car around. Here are my 2 toys. I would like to someday (Spring of '08) sell my '34 and get a GT40. Jim
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    Tornado TS40 #875

    Nice looking engine!:D
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    Help Badly Needed

    Try this CraneCams Or maybe your GT40 is begging for a FORD Engine!!!:D
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    SBF reliability, servicing, costs...?

    I think that if you're that concerned about cost you shouldn't be building a GT40. My .02. :rolleyes:Small block Fords are pretty cheap to build or buy today. Almost as cheap as a small block Chevy.:D
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    KVA Gt-40

    Larry, this link has a build up of a KVA with pictures. Maybe you can find some info here. Forty Towers
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    KVA Gt-40

    Re: Kav Gt-40 Boy I know the first thing I would do is re-route those fuel lines. That is a good way to get vapor lock or a fire even with the insulation.
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    Any Engineering types here?

    Richard do you have any more info on SM Machine. I did a search for them and came up empty. Thanks
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    Any Engineering types here?

    Take a look at these lifters and tell me what you think. Snake oil or a viable product. The first one has a short video clip to show the rotation (click to see Demo) at top. was thinking of these due to cam and lifter failure due to less Zinc in the oil. Schubeck Racing is out of business...
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    Schubeck Lifters

    Don't try and buy Schubeck lifters:loser: from his Web site. He is out of business, but his web site is still active and taking orders. Thank God I paid with a credit card and not PayPal as the site tries and make you do. PayPal will only cover the first $200.00 US. Ask me how I know.
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    427 in CAV

    The top photo is a Cleveland.
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    Top 10 Reasons I can't work on my GT40

    Looks like that Cobra is trying to tell you something. Get this CHEVY motor out of here.:loser: