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    Rain race video at Laguna Seca...

    Yeah, a modern DSR or CSR car would run around car is pretty heavy (1250lbs) and low dowforce and I'm using a bone stock Hayabusa. A good time would have been in the 28s but I had setup problems all weekend including lack of rear downforce.
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    Rain race video at Laguna Seca...

    I was actually taking it pretty "easy" in the lead but it looks like I simply gave it too much gas on turn exit at a particularly damp bit. That last "clear" lap was a 1:54 something so wasn't very fast...the aquaplaining on the straight was pretty "exciting" though not for all the right...
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    Period race suit

    That German suit is actually made by Stand 21. I saw this in person, it's a top-notch driving suit. I was trying to find one through/from Stand 21 but haven't been successful. I also have some of the AtoZ stuff and it's very nice. We use their denim jackets as crew jackets.
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    Comment by 'PeteF' in media 'Lola at Sebring'

    That's a Ferrari 512M :)
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    In-car videos from my "gulf" Radical

    whoah, that was wierd...apparently my ORIGINAL log-in that I couldn't get to work suddenly worked on my home computer and I'm logged-in as the replacement account on this computer!
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    In-car videos from my "gulf" Radical

    Looking at Crossle43, reminded me that one of my first jobs was sanding and prep at a restoration shop next door to Crossle Cars Pacific back in the early 80s. Never actually worked there (I failed the "paint my house" test the owner tried to subject me to) but used to poke around there quite a...
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    Craig Davies electric water pump

    On a tangent, I did a bunch of research on electric water pumps for my Hayabusa powered Radical and given the racing demands of the pump, opted for a Mezier pump due to it's solid and robust design. I'd read some negative things about the DC pumps in high temperature and vibration applications...
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    Porsche 917 onboard footage

    These come from a DVD called "In car 956" which is a nice video that is sold by Motorsports Collector and I think it's on Amazon as well.
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    GT40s at HSR-West Phoenix historics race

    Oh, here are some pictures from the event:
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    GT40s at HSR-West Phoenix historics race

    So I'm sitting in the garage waiting for my next session and a BEAUTIFUL GT40 in Gulf colors drives I gaze at it admiringly, it's right rear wheel falls off and it comes to a grinding halt. A bunch of people went to help and by the end of the day I saw it driving under it's own power...