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    Roaring Forties agents UK and USA

    Thank you Bernie.... I will say what I said in another thread... Hershal is a very honorable gentleman. He knew nothing of what was happening and is deeply upset about the whole mess. Oliver, you and I are not affected by what is transpiring, keep your speculations and inuendos to yourself...
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    Affected RF GT40 Customers

    HI, John.. Good to see you are alive and well. Keep plugging away at the PFD, it will happen. I just found out about this RF stuff. What really surprises me is the bashing that Hersh is taking. He had nothing to do with the demise of the company. As you know he is an honest man, who cares...
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    Thanks Hershal

    Not sure where to post this as it does not pertain to GT40's. Most of you know Hershal by name and reputation. I have had the pleasure of knowing him personally for the past 5 years. Every year Hershal opens his house to the Arizona Cobras for our anniversary and christmas party. This year...
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    Run and Gun

    I just heard that a GT40 caught on fire at Run and Gun. Anybody know who? Hopefully it was not Hersh. I hope the driver is OK. Mike
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    Thw Arizona Cobras had a breakfast gathering last Saturday and this is what we found in the back room. GT40 #1058 is under going a suspension/drive train restoration at Hillbank Motors in Scottsdale, AZ. Hershal we missed you... I have enclosed some pics. I'm sure...
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    Water Inlet AN Fitting?

    Robert, Hope you are on the way to recovery. Things like that happen when you hang out with Hershal... Kevin, Now I know why we have not seen much of you in awhile. Mike
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    Finally met Robert Logan

    I met Robert at Knotts. Very nice gentleman with a great sense of humor. (He must have to put up with Hershal). The only thing I notices is that he talks funny... Great to meet you Robert. Mike
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    GT40 at Laughlin

    Hersh, Ginny and I both had empty seats?? Ben's GT was beautiful. His Cobra was not to bad either. I was surprised the GT did not take any awards. Maybe next year I'll show up with out a car and be a judge. Anyway, We missed you, especially Sat. night for our parking lot round table. Mike...
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    GT40 at Laughlin

    Here are some pics.. I'm sorry I forget the owners name. Met to many new people this weekend. And I'm not getting any younger. Mike
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    Run & Gun

    Here are a couole of pics..
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    Run & Gun

    How did Hershal do at the event??? Anybody know? Mike
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    Hey Hersh.. Good luck at Run and Gun.. Does this look familiar?
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    The Knottsberry kit car show...Who's going ?

    Re: The Knottsberry kit car show...Who\'s going ? Anyone going for a ride with Hershal beware he encounters angry tumbleweeds and coyotes. Hersh, Wish I was going with you guys this trip. I'll have a t-shirt order for you before you leave. Mike [ March 21, 2003: Message edited by: mikiec ]
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    Check out this neat GT-40 product site !!

    John, If you do not make Knotts I can get the key fob to Wayne. To those who need to know about John's quality of products. He is the official T-shirt, Jacket and logo patch maker for the Arizona Cobras. Mike
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    Check out this neat GT-40 product site !!

    Hey, Hersh.... Is that John's stuff? If so I might have him make a few things for me. With the AZ Cobra logo. Mike
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    Hershel Published

    I was over Hershal's this past weekend....Mentioned that he was published. In his quiet manner he said Yup. Also, got to meet Ron this weekend. Hey, Ron was it hot enough for you?? Mike
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    Paging John Schnieder

    John, I brought your phone number with me to's gone. I'll call you tonight. Mike
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    New Ford Ads

    I wonder i really only have 1 car and are repainting it for different ads.... ALA Caroll Shelby's 289 slabside. Mike
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    RF updated web site

    I've got a picture of that grin somewhere. I'll find it and post. Mike
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    Double Venom Spring Fling II

    Hersh, Remember this is a COBRA event.... All GT40's to the rear. Mikie