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    Bundle of Snakes Clearance Issue

    Hi Joel, There are threads on the forum detailing how to set up the throttle linkage for 4) Weber 48IDA intake systems. There's also information about choosing emulsion tubes and jets that do not apply to EFI systems. Those threads are worth reading regardless if you have an individual runner...
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    Bundle of Snakes Clearance Issue

    Hi Brian, Good point about "everything right and fuel is equally distributed" No position of the EGO sensor will compensate for intake related synchronization problems between throttle bores and or intake ports in the head. Everything must be right. Cheers Ian
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    Bundle of Snakes Clearance Issue

    Hi Vinny That is true unless you have leaks going into the collectors. We're dealing with slip collectors here. The same goes with a four into one header (four cylinder) or either side of a V8 side pipe (Cobra etc). If your header collector leaks you must go up the pipe to get a proper...
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    Bundle of Snakes Clearance Issue

    It's coming up on twenty years since we did our first 8 stack EFI system. This was before self learning software was available. However it was possible to manually adjust the tables to improve the tune and lock it in. Tuning was real expensive back then, a lot of time on the rolling road dyno...
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    Road Coupe vs Race Coupe

    Hi Lee It's my understanding that within the various iterations of GT40 about thirty Mk1s were built as "road cars" to be sold to the public as part of the GT homologation requirements in order to race the car in the "GT" class. These road cars were all RHD, more trimmed out than the race cars...
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    Bundle of Snakes Clearance Issue

    Hi Vinny Those a great looking set of headers and very well made. The clearance solution is in the headers OR the cylinder heads (or block deck height). We ran into issues with CAV SA supplied headers for small block Ford 302s. The engine was from Ford Racing, 347 with "Z" heads. The problem...
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    Mk1 Road Car Register?

    Andrew, here's a link to Tom Hartley Jr. website regarding the GT40 in your post: Cheers
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    1063P 289 engine shuts down at stop light/signs

    Hi Barry, Was the engine running well and now does not? How hot was the engine when it stopped? Boiling the fuel in the carb(s) is a possibility. If after cool down it starts up again, that would be a possible indication of fuel boiling. Can also cause an engine fire (don't ask me how I...
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    Electric Water Pump How to.

    The manual for the Tecomotive Tiny CWA is a good read, 28 pages and covers most scenarios, pump flows, with or without thermostat, bypass or not, sensors type and location, radiator turn on/off temps, aftercooling, speed etc. I can see this device reducing current drain and extending the life...
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    Electric Water Pump How to.

    Great find Randy on the BMW 2002 external thermostat housing, an affordable problem solver! The mechanical route has been the standard for what, more than a century. Works very well, when sorted, in our applications. There are Pierburg EWPs available in the aftermarket with the plastic BMW...
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    Electric Water Pump How to.

    Wow, you've really opened a thermodynamic can of worms... luckily there's a lot of very smart people on this forum to chime in:)
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    Electric Water Pump How to.

    The cooling systems of mid engine race cars and road cars for that matter, are well known for being difficult to fill, remove trapped air, overflowing header tanks and occasionally (never at a convenient time) runaway boil overs. It seems that with a few modifications the Moroso Overflow Tank...
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    Twenty Years

    "Time flies when you are having fun" an old saying the certainly applies to the GT40s Forum. Thank you James for inspiring us to reflect back on how long we've been on the forum and obsessed with the Ford GT40... Cheers Ian
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    Was it a light or a brake duct?

    pictures please:)
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    Please help id this gt40

    You have the makings of a nice car there. It's not a CAV for sure but the chassis looks to be inspired by the GTD tube chassis, It's a Mk1 style body. Interesting that it has only the RHD filler cap. One filler cap started, I believe, with the Mk11s and was later found on the Mirage and Gulf...
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    Help!! - CAV Ball Joints

    Hi Karl, Glad you found a work around... necessity is the mother of invention. Cheers Ian
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    When thinking back to the start of projects, there have been more than a few times when I thought the easiest (fastest) way to " get her done" was to work with what's already there. That approach has bitten me in the rear too many times, changing my way of thinking. Besides it's false economy...
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    Found this old photo.....

    Great picture, is that a soap box derby car coming in second place?
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    Throttle challenges

    It's really difficult to see from a few pictures what's going on, although you do have to start somewhere. You may be in a geometric bind between the throttle pedal and the bell crank that pulls the throttle cable. The throttle cable may be faulty, kinked or unwound internally. The spring is...
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    Hi Laurent, Good to know the engine and transaxle were gone through a number of years ago. Having spent nearly two decades working on most brands of GT40 replicas I've learned to make sure the parts including wiring, hoses, fittings and brackets are as good as they appear. The drivetrain and...