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    the Steinard MK3 takes shape

    John I’m so delighted you are getting back in the game I’m replying directly from my hospital bed where I’ve been languishing for a few weeks. Fair cheered me up mate. Thanks, Keith
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    Everyone on GT40s. It's going to be interesting that's for sure. I celebrate New Year by going into hospital for a couple of weeks. I'll let you know how it went when I get out! All the best, Keith
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    Do you Remember the Awful Jokes?

    Well done guys! You have really cheered me up. Now this is a thread that doesn't need moderation and yet brings good vibes into your life. Please keep them coming...from both sides of the Atlantic although I'm thinking this is pretty much a British pastime. We'll see... Bring it on..
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    Do you Remember the Awful Jokes?

    We used to feature reams and reams of the most unfunny jokes & puns ever displayed on the Internet in the 'Good Old Days' of GT40's when we were all damp behind the ears. They were so unfunny, they made you laugh (or groan). In loving memory of a vanished tradition, take these! One of them...
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    the Steinard MK3 takes shape

    What a sorry tale. Time to move along I think and put this behind you John. I know what living on a pension does for you too and I hope this episode hasn't dampened your obvious enthusiasm for creating some amazing machines. I'd love to see the orange beast run but don't do Farcebook, so I...
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    An Unexpected (but very welcome) visitor

    Hey there Larry. My goodness Haha yes indeed we would have needed it. Regretfully (but probably fortunately) it was in spirit only as a tip of the hat towards some of David's most favoured comestibles. I hope you are well my friend..
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    An Unexpected (but very welcome) visitor

    Hi everyone. Not much happens in Hardy towers these days but I'd like to mention a chap who dropped in to see me today. He is very much part of the GT40 fraternity or should I say GT42.5, him owning a DAX '40. Yes of course, It's Ian Anderson who, unfortunately for us southern shandies, took...
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    Where is Keith1?

    Hey Nick, how are you? The MGF handles like a dream to be honest. It corners flat and is very stable at all attitudes. Due to the mid engine location and 50/50 weight distribution, if it breaks away, you are going to have to be Superman to catch it and it will want to keep on spinning. I do not...
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    Where is Keith1?

    Hey Randy & Terry! Glad you guys are still around. Good luck with your move Randy. South? None better place in the world. South is where it's at. More South less North is my motto which puts Ian in a quandry because you can't get more North than he is. Ian & Randy will be Poles apart haha. OK...
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    Where is Keith1?

    Well my goodness, what a nice thing it is to be missed? I am still alive although kicking is rationed and kept aside for my weekly carers. It can be a bit of a battle here when the scrubbing brush comes out. Like all progressive diseases, COPD and Heart Failure take their toll and some days that...
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    It looks amazing Andrew...
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    Happy Birthday.

    Hi everyone! Many thanks for the birthday salutations both here, e all and Facebook (which I don't use incidentally, a,though I get notifications). I am typing this on a Android tablet (hate it, I want a new iPad!, from my hospital bed in Lymington on a very patchy Wi-Fi network which makes...
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    Brett's RS GTD

    +1 on Randy's comment Brett. Keep it up mate, you'll get there :cool:
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    The new Ford GT

    Best comment this year! Well done Bill, thanks.
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    The I hate the Politics Thread - thread

    Re: Paddock Politics Thread One has always carried the hope that it could be self policed. Heavy moderation or the need for is a fail either way..
  16. K Paddock Politics Thread

    Hmm same old circular conversation. To be fair though, I see that much of the vitriol displayed here is being repeated generally on the internet. Is the internet to blame for this hate? Or a lack of self discipline? After all, everyone knows no-one is going to change anyone's opinion by...
  17. K Paddock Politics Thread

    Bit late with this. That makes way too much sense Ian, so I'm issuing you with a warning not to exercise common sense on this thread again. Sorry..
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Yep, it's a good 'un.. :thumbsup:
  19. K Paddock Politics Thread

    Doug that really wasn't an open invitation for you to fire up your bandwagon and start rolling again. Sometimes I wish you had more than one tune on your LP, as you appear to be quite a knowledgeable kind of bloke, but you seem kind of stuck in a rut. Need some help towing out? With the...
  20. K Paddock Politics Thread

    Do you know? The more I read about the United States of America, the more incomprehensible it becomes...