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    RCR GT40 Part complete build for sale UK

    to bad its not on this side of the pond , just what i am looking for Bob
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    ZF trans axle on club cobra scam?

    Saw a Zf trans on club cobra yesterday rebuilt, flipped etc for 7K looks like the same one in the pictures of an earlier post . Has the sellers name and phone number regards Bob
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    WTD Gt 40 mark 1 in US

    Looking to purchase a Mark 1 in the US , a running driving car, an unfinished project or something that needs repair is also fine . Looking for a project to keep me busy when retirement starts regards Bob
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    importing a completed replica gt40 into the US

    I am in NC now but i am from MA originally and have gone thru the MA registering back in the early 2000's a couple of times with cobras. The problem i see is rules have changed over the years as to turn key minus versus incomplete vechicle's. The link to the thread posted is 20 years old and...
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    importing a completed replica gt40 into the US

    Hi, looking to find out if a completed gt40 replica can be imported into the US without being 25 years old , i am guessing a lot has to do with how the title /paper work reads , some are the year it replicates and others are the manufacture or assembly date . Any info would be great thank You...
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    FS USA 5.0l Coyote, UN1, Exhaust for sale $$ SOLD $$

    is everything sold or just the exhaust regards Bob
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    hI, is the motor sold or just the exhaust thanks Bob

    hI, is the motor sold or just the exhaust thanks Bob
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    ***SOLD*** CAV for sale ***SOLD***

    By chance is this car still for sale regards Bob
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    RCR40 Gulf, Loaded with spares

    Sandy, didn't receive direct message yet and to Neil i could only wish i was that Bob Peckham
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    RCR40 Gulf, Loaded with spares

    have an interest how do i send a direct message to you thanks Bob
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    RCR GT40 Partially Completed Kit ***SOLD***

    Dennis , sent you a email
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    thanks for the info
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    no sir sorry
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    HI, does anyone have any history on era 2057 that is located in virginia thank you inadvance Bob
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    FS USA 608 lucas mirror

    mirror is sold thanks gt40s forum
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    FS USA 608 lucas mirror

    update, I guess 300.00 is a little high at this time 225.00 shipped in the usa
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    FS USA 608 lucas mirror

    Hi, this is an update to my first thread that I did incorrectly price is 300.00 or make an offer pictures are below
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    FS USA lucas 608 mirror

    will post picture with price tomorrow sorry about that
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    FS USA lucas 608 mirror

    hi, I have a lucas 608 mirror that I have been saving for when I get another gt40 but with prices these days it looks like a cobra replica will have to do ,the mirror comes with the correct mounting piece, the glass was redone about 5 years ago but is showing some discoloration/ patina . Not...
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    Hoosier TD tires for sale

    Hi, i have set of 4 hoosier TD tires for sale they are 25.5X8.5-15 and 26.5X9.5-15. they came off my cavgt40 and have about 1K miles of street use. 300.00 or best offer for the set. I will be making trips to NC from new england so drop off is possible thanks Bob