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  1. drdrdrt

    importing a completed replica gt40 into the US

    I brought in a new Aston Martin DBR-2 Replica, fabricated by Andrew Soar from England. I had the engine and transmission removed and brought the components in as a "rolling chassis" and an engine/transmission, in separate crates, on separate boats. The engine was a 1968 Jaguar, which pre-dated...
  2. drdrdrt

    All about the RCR LMP1...

    I built an RCR LMP-1. It is totally high-end construction. LS 376/525 with Dauley dry sump and beefed-up T56 transaxle. It has been sitting in my garage and could be for sale to the right buyer.
  3. drdrdrt

    4-Wheel Alignment Systems

    I think the two-gauge is much more convenient and easier to use. Why don't you just contact Nick Tenhulzen, the owner and inventor, through the website and I'm sure he will answer your questions.
  4. drdrdrt

    4-Wheel Alignment Systems

    The Tenhulzen system is not flimsy. It is lightweight, which is what you want, but not to the point of being flimsy. It is the best system available and the price is very reasonable, considering the accuracy and precision of the system.
  5. drdrdrt

    New Ultima RS

    Utilizing the advanced aerodynamics, developed again in the wind tunnel at MIRA, Ultima Ltd. has once again knocked it out of the park with the new LT5 supercharged-powered Ultima RS. I personally own two Ultimas, a GTR I completed about ten years ago, and a newly-completed Evo roadster. I...
  6. drdrdrt

    Superlite Aero

    Hi Paul, Just wondering, where did you get your shifter? Thanks!
  7. drdrdrt

    Scotts build thread

    This car is no longer an SLC.....It is a Scott Rowland Supercar!......patent the design and sell it to people who want to make their SLC lok awesome!
  8. drdrdrt

    How Do You Keep Your Garage Clean?

    This is my "Build Garage." I am fortunate to have a room in another building I call my "Dirty Room," where I do most of my grinding, polishing, drilling, sanding, etc, with an exhaust fan to the outside. The carpet is a Home Depot low-pile that makes a nice work surface and is easy to just...
  9. drdrdrt

    How Do You Keep Your Garage Clean?

    Carpet.....Cheap, nice surface to work on, readily available at Home Depot, disposable.
  10. drdrdrt

    Another question: Dry or wet oil sump setup??

    In my opinion, all cars of this type should be dry-sumped....if they are driven like they were born to be driven!
  11. drdrdrt

    Looking for nice pictures of garages

    My new Build Garage. I can't say enough about the quality of these Baldhead Cabinets,...... precision tool drawers, pull-out parts bins, all-metal and powder-coated. I added the stall-mat rubber countertops and back-splashes.....Metal saw-horses are waiting for my next project to arrive from...
  12. drdrdrt

    Customer Service!

    Sometimes as I purchase cars, auto parts, tools, and garage cabinets, I realize the value of dealing with a company that has this excellent policy for their customers:
  13. drdrdrt

    "new" Superlite Graziano shifter

    Very nice looking shifter! Have you ever made a shifter like this that would work for the Corvette transaxle LMP-1 car you sold me? As you know, the one that came with the car was worthless (reverse in opposite direction) and it would be nice to be able to actually shift a track-only LMP-1...
  14. drdrdrt

    Kurtiss' GT-R

    Rivnut tools: I have used several different types of tools for the installation of rivnuts, including the Astro, and one that looks like a hand-riveter, but sometimes I have a confined-space issue and it seems like I keep going back to a more manual product from Pegasus: Economy Rivet Nut and...
  15. drdrdrt

    Mark's GT-R Build

    Thanks for the tip Howard....Do yo use these instead of the High-Collar lock washers on the Allen head bolts or in addition to them? Thanks, David
  16. drdrdrt

    SLC aero street legal with 2 seats

    If you are looking for a similar, but two-seat, street-legal race car, check out the Radical RXC.....Not cheap!
  17. drdrdrt

    Goodbye to a Great Man!

    Farewell to a Great Man and long-time member of the worldwide motorsports community, Vic Edelbrock.
  18. drdrdrt

    Unloading With Lift Gate Service

    Hi Del, I actually already responded to this, in a way, on your other thread regarding a similar issue on the Forum. When the shipping company's dispatcher called to make arrangements for my LS376/525 delivery, she asked me if a large truck would be OK or if she should send it out in a...
  19. drdrdrt

    How many times did you remove engine?

    Hi Del, How many times do you remove an engine?.......As many times as you need to. There are sooooo many things you need to think about and finalize before you install your engine permanently, and it is a lot easier to do them if you are sitting on a stool in the engine bay versus trying to...