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    Kar-Kraft assets purchased to yield more Mk IV

    Riley purchased Teske Kar-Kraft that has nothing to do with the original MK-IV manufacturer. Teske registered a company in early 2000 to built 7 "continuation" cars (J13 thru J19). Kenny Thompson built the 7 cars and Teske reproduced the T44 gearbox for this cars. The Original Kar-Kraft...
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    Mid-engined ‘Vette

    The C8 has a Tremec Dual Clutch gearbox. It is not a normal automatic gearbox with wet clutches. This is the only gearbox the C8 will have and is similar to the 2020 GT500 gearbox (also built by tremec)
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    mk4 for sale in Belgium

    Ford with Kar Kraft built 12 JCar tubs and all are accounted for. J1 and J2 were destroyed by Ken Miles testing accident and Ford destroyed the other in rigidity testing. J3 was the MK-IV testing mule, J4 Sebring, J5 thru J8 Le Mans cars, J9 and J10 G7a Spider for Can Am. Two tubs were...
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    ERA for sale

    Fran Kress red/white MK-II spider. Nice car
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    GT40 driving

    the main difference for me is the engine location for weight distribution this affects braking and turning since the Cobra is nose heavy you can brake inside the turn. On a rear engine you do not have the weight of the engine in front to turn. Brakes are small and non powered so they are both...
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    Could use some education here....Thanks in advance!

    One of the main issues with GT40 (original or replicas) are brakes. Wheels are 15" and no power brakes. This car has 6 piston calipers in front and should brake "decent" if you have the muscle to stop it. The last GT ERA built for me was 17" BRM style wheels with bigger brakes and power...
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    Could use some education here....Thanks in advance!

    I looks like a nice ERA GT. I have owned 4 ERA cars but 3 were purchased from ERA (two GT and one Cobra). My red GT (similar to this one LHR with similar engine) was sold in BAT last year for $100K by the 3rd Owner. I assume the price will go up since $72K for an ERA is very low. It has...
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    Ford GT and GT40s at Mecum Monterey

    Christopher Svensson, a Ford GT engineer died in July and took delivery of his Ford GT in April. I assume his estate would be able to sell it.
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    ERA for sale

    Like mine both were turnkey cars. This was my second ERA GT and the first did not meetMy interest was that the car would reliable, safe, fast and be able to stop it. ERA did a fantastic with a excellent 409CI SBF, bigger brakes with 17" BRM Style wheels, roll cage and power assisted brake (the...
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    427 side oiler in KVA

    Quaife ZF 5 speed
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    J-10 for sale

    Last Tuesday Wayne Carini show Chasing Classic Cars in Velocity had the J-10 Episode (S13E06) on this year Amelia Island event. It also shows the car with Peter Portante (ERA).
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    ERA for sale

    Nice, I hope you enjoy it.
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    J-10 for sale

    G7A (J-10) had many engine issues due to Ford trying different combinations. The race it ran at Fuji Japan finished 2nd. I think they had plans for racing in 71 but never happen. CanAm was not easy dealing with McLaren cars.
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    J-10 for sale

    Thank You I hope it will be more. J-12 that is an un marked tub sold this year for $1.925M at Amelia.
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    J-10 for sale
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    Classic Le Mans 2018

    I do not why but at the garage it only showed the name of the driver, Car and engine. Some of the engine sizes were wrong. It would have been nice to show the chassis number. Even at the museum did not have the chassis number on the GT40 on display. The heat and the long walks was difficult...
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    Spa Summer Classic 22-24june

    A red MK-IV that someone call J-What was showed in California a few years ago. I was told the car was sold and is outside the US. This could be the Russian MK-IV. BTW google will give you 2 different photos of the car. In one of them you can see the bad body work.
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    Spa Summer Classic 22-24june

    Google Alexander Deogin GT40 and you will find a red MK-IV. From the photos the body looks wrong. I do not know from where this car came from. I does not look to be a continuation car (J13 thru J19). All other J-cars are accounted for in museum (J4,J5,J7 and J8). J3 and J6 in NY. J9 and J10...
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    New gt40 orders

    Cost (kit, zf, engine, painting, labor etc), Time to deliver and other factors. The GT40 generation are too old now. This generation can not relate to it. Cobras are a lot cheaper and fun to drive. In the late 90 GT40 sales were almost dead. The 2005 Ford GT helped to revive it.
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    A different iteration of the GT40?

    I saw Kenny's J-19 Breadwagon at his house with automatic trans-axle. It sounds very nice and perfectly done. I love the TBird rear lights