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    Quaife Transmissions

    Their website shows 'In Stock' for the QBE62G. Anyone have a pic of the latest version? I have been shopping for a spare to have on hand in case my ZF takes a dump and has to be sent in for repair. ZF Transaxle 5-Speed H-Pattern Gearbox - Quaife
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  3. GT_Overhead (2).jpg

    GT_Overhead (2).jpg

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    20180907_111423 (1).jpg

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    GT_Overhead (2).jpg

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    20180907_111423 (1).jpg

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    Rcr 40-31

    Hey Chris, was just catching up on your dilemma. Doesn't your ECU have datalogging capability? You could glean enough information to figure out what is going on.
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    New to the group, P/2183

    Welcome, Bill! I was wondering when you were going to join the group! Let me know the next time you head up the hill to Estes Park or some other fun drive.
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    Show us your GT40!

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    FS USA Fast fuel injection.

    Bob, Looking forward to it! Good luck with the sale!
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    C6FE-6090-A HEADS

    Click on the "here" word above.... That's your link.
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    FS USA Fast fuel injection.

    Hey Bob, Are you sure that's a FAST EFI system? I've installed a couple of FAST EFI ECU units and they don't look like your system. BTW, there's a few of us GT-40 owners in the Denver/Front Range area. I'm in Parker, and there's a buddy with a MKII SPF in the Thornton area. We should get...
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    C6FE-6090-A HEADS

    Hank, It appears to be a special heat treatment code for your 1966 racing head. Go here for more info.
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    255 ci NA DOHC Ford Indy Engine

    Agree, saw at least one at Jay Cushman's shop several years ago... He has a good collection of hard to find motors and parts...
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    I may have a spare set from RCR, also. I don't believe they will cost much. If Graham can't find them, let me know.
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    Ford vs Ferrari coastal drive

    What a great idea!
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    Hacking an IDA 'Weber', turning it into EFI

    I had to dig up some of my old build pics. But here are a few pics that should answer your question. I just saw that Borla Induction has another system out. Mine works pretty well as-is. You can see the smaller plenum is for the IAC, the larger plenum is the vacuum manifold and the MAP...
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    Hacking an IDA 'Weber', turning it into EFI

    Jasper, I believe you are thinking of the old (+6 yrs ago) TWM now Borla system? The later version has located the injectors below the throttle plate and they are angled directly at the intake port, thus the fuel rails run along the centerline between the throttle bodies. They have been using...
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    Centroid Fuel Sender

    I don't trust the stock centroids/Speedhut combo that came with mine. Maybe it's the anti-slosh foam causing issues but my gauges will sometimes ready accurately, other times will show empty when I'm near full or show full, when I know I'm about empty in that tank. Will look into the Classic...