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    Stroker kits ..

    Thanks Bob. I think Ill stay standard stroke as well.
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    Fatal GT40 Accident - Please tell me this is not Toms RCR GT40

    So sorry to hear this, really enjoyed reading Toms posts he was a real clever guy and a great contributor to this forum. My heart goes out to his family, I lost my beloved mother last year when she was killed in her Porsche Boxster. I wouldn't be doing my 40 without her help after my dad passed...
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    Stroker kits ..

    Ive being toying with this for a while now and sort of came to the conclusion (at the moment) to stay with stock stroke. I always fancied the 347 (much easier to come by at a good price than the 331) but read on here and other sites that its characteristics don't suite the 40 so much which being...
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    So it begins

    Hi Mark Welcome and congratulations, like others have said its a massive undertaking. I strongly suggest you join the Enthusiasis club, membership has been very useful to me and Ive met some good friends through it. The club should be exhibiting at the Bristol Classic car show in June at...
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    JaseH's GTForte

    Hi Nick, yeah last year was awful :(, hope things are improving for you. Quick question for you guys, will I be ok running the loom by the side of the radiator pipe as shown in the pic or will it get too hot?
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    GT40 side impact protection

    I decided to remove my cage after reading Franks article and hearing about the death of his friend, I will also be cutting out the remaining attachment tubes which are remaining in the cockpit, I was going to cover them over with foam but I think I will remove them too. I sadly lost my beloved...
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    JaseH's GTForte

    Wow way over a year since last post! My work on the car is at least more productive than posting updates! Had a terrible year, luckily I've had my car to keep my mind occupied. Anyways All suspension fitted now, all hydraulics fitted just need a few more brake clips, roof spider just needs to...
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    Gonna do it. Lotus Esprit SBF.

    Shame you cant get hold of a AJP V8 to put in it. I had one in my TVR Cerbera and I think it was the only part of the car that didn't go wrong lol. Cracking engine went like stink, sounded good and they weigh bugger all. TVR Speed Eight engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Brake Control IVA

    Thanks for the replies chaps. I will look into modifying it.
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    Brake Control IVA

    Hi all Just a quick question regarding the IVA. Under Brake system section 09A its states "A brake control, actuating linkage or associated component must not be obstructed in its travel nor foul parts of the vehicle" My car has a floor mounted box and without fluid in the system the full...
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    Norfolk Tornado

    WOW. I cant wait to see it when its all put back together!!
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    RHD headlamp units

    cr*p all sold out :(
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    Andrew's GT Forte build.

    You'll be able to get it from one of the 3 panels drawings I sent you last week, I measured the widest part of the rack from memory and used that but it will be a tight squeeze!
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    Andrew's GT Forte build.

    Hi Andrew Looking good mate, I have a square opening in that panel, I measured it so I can with a bit of a squeeze pull the rack out. jase
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    Riveting Ali panels to tube

    Hi all Need to start riveting some ali panels to some round tube (Rear bulkhead panel attached to roll over bar). What is the best way to make sure your rivet hole is in the centre of the of the tube? I was thinking of putting some paint or whatever on the round bar lay the panel on then using...
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    To foam or not to foam...

    Hi Chris thanks for your reply (and all the others who posted). I decided against foam in the end and went with just the baffles and trap door although I would be interested in the plumbing details / hoses etc of your installation though. Cheers Jayson
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    Pulled apart my fuel tank and...WOW

    I was considering foam for my tanks but after speaking to ATL tech support I decided to join the rest of the guys and not bother. Basically the guy at ATL said that with modern ethanol etc based fuels you should inspect frequently and change after a few years, ideally he said you should empty...
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build - to Stunning Mk1 GTD

    Looking good nick! Great stuff that Silent Coat, ive been using it on my build.
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    Heater / Air Con Pipe Routing

    Hi all. Thanks for all the replies. Dimi What you've suggested is exactly what I would like to do. I presume I need to run a 1/2" (Dash 10) and a 13/32" (Dash 8) copper tube down the centre then solder the appropriate connectors on the ends of these pipes. Do you have any links which...
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    Heater / Air Con Pipe Routing

    Hi All Just thinking about how I'm going to route all my pipe work from the front to the back of the car and just wondered how you all did this. I was hoping to be able to run it all through the centre console but there isn't the space. At the moment my centre console has the 2 main cooling...