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    Who's car is this?

    Hi Bud, I can say for sure that I was at GTD when Bud's car was packed and sent to the states. It was indeed 89, there was another fella that had two shipped to Florida Jeff White I think his name was. The car still looks great Bud, You wouldnt think it was 18 years old! Did you ever...
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    1st MDA to Canada

    Hi Chris, I have to say what a great job you have done. The car is looking fantastic. Its also good to see the car from a longer shot now you have the covers and windows in and the mods to the rear tail and lights done. It really has moved on since I saw it last year, Im very impressed...
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    MDA history ?

    Hello guys, I find the only true source of information for any GT40 product is to talk directly to the manufacturers themselves. There are customers with kind words and in truth most are biased towards the particular car they are building. MDA have made more changes to its chassis and...
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    MDA MkII series II chassis

    Some of the points above are clearly well made and I do not wish to labour the point on Steves build thread but I feel it necessary to reply to the above for the last time on this thread. I have apologised to Steve on behalf of all of us and wish him all the best with his build and hopefully...
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    MDA MkII series II chassis

    I had responded in friendly terms to Chris Melia’s extraordinary posting but in response to his continuous slander it is obviously necessary to be blunt:- MDA utterly refute Chris Melia’s serious allegation of theft. The MDA MkII rear clip is a product wholly from MDA design work and...
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    MDA MkII series II chassis

    MDA MKII and other things. Hello Guys, I havent been on for a while and had to ask Ron for a new Login as my old one didnt work. Congrats to Steve and Chris on what I know will be a great cars when finished. We have four more customer cars in the UK nearing completion and two here at the...
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    Hello Guys, Hi Jim, You got the little fella in the parcel then (remote GT) Thought you copuld play with that while your building the car, although it may hold you up! I have posted a reply in the Consumer watch section, have a look when you get five. I have really tried to cover all without...
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    Calling MDA Owners

    Re: Calling MDA Owners(poor souls) I rarely post on this forum as I find it a little one sided at times. Though this latest ill feeling from one of our clients seems to need a response. For future reference, I dont not view this website often, in fact it is the first time in a year. Therefore...
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    GT Mk1 aerodynamics

    Now Now you two, stop mucking about!! Malcolm is right, if you go fast enough ie 130 plus and the wind is just right it will hover above your head like a empty take away carton! Then It will flutter gently sideways and then smash itself to pieces on the ground! But if really unlucky, i cant...
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    Lola T-70 replica

    Hi guys, Oh dear oh dear. There are a few misinformed people out there and I think some record straightening is in order.. firstly. specialised Mouldings are not the only people with a set of moulds. There are four sets that I know of. There are two makers of tubs and the later will supply to...
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    GT Mk1 aerodynamics

    Hello all, If you need specific details you will have to mail me directly im afraid. The Forum is to discuss issues and is not really to be a platform for any manufacturer in specific, though i does happen. That said: The cars are replica MKll. They are authentic in detail from the topside, but...
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    Top Gear - Clarkson drives the new GT

    Hi all, Brett are you being a little dynamic tonite? But that is a good point that David raised: Because the steering wheel is on the "wrong side" as he put it, how will it meet our new legislations? Realistically if the GT went through an SVA test it would fail miserably.. There are sharp...
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    GT Mk1 aerodynamics

    Hi Guys, theres my car again! Nice Photo Julian! The Splitter Chris made for the black car is simple, but effective.Like Malcolm says above another mod is to dam the air through the rad so that it exits right into the Single vent and upwards over the front end. As most of the English guys will...
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    Canadian Dealer for MDA Cars

    Hello All, Firstly I have been in contact with Chris for some time now. We have discussed all the possibilities for MDA to export their cars to Canada and the USA. I have found Chris to be totally thorough and very informative surrounding the Canadian import and legalities. I know MDA have found...
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    Hi guys, whats that old saying: lack of communication causes frustration! Actually, I too have never been to an AGM, Although been a Club member for years (When I pay my subs on time) Though this year i may venture across depending on the time and distance. I will look up Mals address for route...
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    Semi Monocoque anyone?

    AS I stated on the first posts: It needs an amount of engineering to make it work. It does look ok, the ally is all NS4 aircraft spec, but the whole thing needs looking at. Begginers need not apply!! This is a seasoned pro job only... It has sponsons in the fuel cell area and a degree of...
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    Club Trip Le Mans Classic

    Hi Again guys, Simon I have just put the new starter on the Blue ll and it works well. I should have a new batch made now in a week. I've got your name down for one and it will go right to you soon. I will call you regards the Le mans trip and the Show material, mechandising etc. Speak to you...
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    Club Trip Le Mans Classic

    And Chris Before you say anything about the Ford Vans in the background or the skip, I ment the Blue mkll. Anyway as way of thanks for the mklls, do you fancy driving the other one down? I will get them all sorted by then. Best regards Mark
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    Club Trip Le Mans Classic

    Or this one?
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    Club Trip Le Mans Classic

    Hi Guys, Do you mind if I tag along? Ive never been and I think its about time I did! Not sure which car I'll be taking, the most reliable sounds best! When exactly is it? I know the dates, but what month? It may be my birthday present to myself! Chris Do you want to send me Club Member...