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    P4 Progress (Build Thread)

    Kit cars are never "finished" but I got mine road legal in Nov of '21, so thought I'd follow up in case anyone out there could use some motivation to get back in the workshop on their car.
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    Central Texas Owners Willing to Let Me Look at Your Car?

    Welcome to the club Rob. Feel free to reach out to me as well. My car is not too far along yet, mounted engine and trans but still have to do literally everything else.
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    P4 Progress (Build Thread)

    Here is a progress picture of my Maserati F136 mated to G86.20.
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    Central Texas Owners Willing to Let Me Look at Your Car?

    I agree 100%. With just one post I received several offers to help and in person advice. Extra thanks to Howard Jones who gave me a great chance to check out his car and gave me a lot of helpful advice. I hope to be able to pay that back further down the line.
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    Central Texas Owners Willing to Let Me Look at Your Car?

    I recently took delivery of a P4 in Austin, Texas. I'm finding the mechanical aspects of the build to be straightforward, but some of the small details, specifically, body work, doors, bonnet, glass and trunk mounting are vague in the manuals. If anybody local is willing to let me peek...
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    My drivetrain choice...

    Looks like Kennedy Adapters offers part number 5900 or 5920, so I presume that means the 930/G50 are viable options, since Kennedy seems to have a pretty good catalog built around them.
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    Shipping an SLC kit

    Vicki at RCR gave me the information below. This is who I plan to use. Quote was $1,600 (I'm in Austin): Stewart Transport, Give Jolene at call at 602.242.1800 x206. She is a treat to work with and MANY customers have used Stewart in the past.
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    RCR phone or email contact - anyone have any luck?

    Small world. I'm pretty close by, in Austin. I have a P4 on order since March 20th. What car are you getting? I talked to Vicki just before Thanksgiving. All seems to be well there, but they are BUSY!