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    original transaxle

    Dear Jay Robin Searle had (2)of these transmissions in Melbourne Australia. They both came from Lee Holman.Robin had a bad fire and I think (1) was distroyed not sure. Great Photos.
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    Fishing trip anyone??

    Im in (NOT) Ron.
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    2005 GT brochure

    In One Word (YES). or if you dont want it you could pass it on to me? Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year. Ron.
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    Winsor Cylinder Head ID.

    Good Morning to all members I have got myself into a confusing Situatation. I have many sets of cylinder heads all second hand that I have accumalated from the 1960s thru to the late 80s. I started to catolog them for Sale. But have become confused with the numbering system. As an...
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    Class Project goes wrong

    Morning this is one of a Arizona Police Officer that I purchased back in 1979 in Phoenix Arizona at a shopping centre on Indian School Road. It has been on my outdoor Bar since then as you can see by the dust and the catus is missing I was amazed you could take the piss out of the police...
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    Murderers get a new life in Oz...

    A UK Television program shown on our local Television Station in the Northern Territory about 6 months ago. Traced both men to their new locations. UK TV found one in the North Island of New Zealand and the other in Western Australia. Ron.
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    GT40 seat for sale

    Sorry read the post again and realized there is only one. So I dont need one. Ron.
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    GT40 seat for sale

    I would like to buy them please. send details. Ron.
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    Visit to Phoenix

    Dear Ron Earl Could you please remove this post from the forum. I didnt belive poeple could be so narrow minded. All the best Ron Rowse.
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    Visit to Phoenix

    I will be in Phoenix all of next week. I am saying out at Mesa and would like to know of a good parts supply company for engine parts. Footnote. When this Forum was started, One of the partners lived in Phoenix I belive he was a retired Policeman. Or was he Robert Logans rep in the USA. Is he...
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    Aviators Historic Sports Racer

    The way I understand it. It is a copy not a rebuild or a restoration and I believe the article I read said the copy caught fire in front of the orignal family members on the presentation to the family of the copy of the orignal Stand to be corrected Ron.
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    Colin Hymes Red GT40

    The Hymes family owned Lana park in Melbourne. the car sat in a shed for many years as colin was a recluse. I did some work on the car over many years at different times. Mr John Marr who had an engine reconditioning shop in Melbourne ended up with the car. a friend of Mr Marr owned a Company...
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    Kiwi scratchbuilt

    Hi Russ Hope you have a great Birthday Party To-night. I hope to see you early in the week. I would like to look at this Bad Sump.(those bloody-americans) All the Best Ron Rowse.
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    Original Specification Parts

    Jimmy what vehicle are the rear clip latchs from please. Ron Rowse
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    48 Ida Webber

    Dear GT40 Members I remember reading on the forum, Members thoughs on some of the webber shown. wether they were real or not. (ie) made in the USA verus made in Italy I brought 12 48IDAs in 1971 I still have them brand new in there boxes. Could members tell me wether they are real or...
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    Webber IDA Inlet Manifold

    Dear Members. I have an Inlet Manifold that I would like to sell to a good home rather than sell it on EBAY. The Manifold is for a 427 side oiler. I have owned it since 1969. it came with a mountain of parts that I bought from S&S in Phoenix Arizona in the late 60s early 70s. I am moving...
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    Mark IV Powered T70

    I thought the pre Big block T70s had a Traco Oldsmobile engine in them. Ron
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    My New Fuel Saver Gulf GT40

    Just Finished My New Fuel Saving Gulf GT40
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    My new GT40 car...

    do you Know who made this toy GT40. Ron.
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    My new GT40 car...

    I would like to Know the manufactures name of both the yellow and blue GT40 please. Are they available to purchase and from whom. I should have specified the Gulf blue car without the Young Lady Ron.