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    FS USA G50/50-2 for sale

    Sold as of 05/21/17
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    FS USA G50/50-2 for sale

    sorry for the delay, From Gbox web site: Gear ratios: 1st gear: 3.154 2nd gear: 1.789 3rd gear: 1.269 4th gear: 0.967 5th gear: 0.756 Ring and pinion: 3.44
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    FS USA G50/50-2 for sale

    Available for sale is a G50-50/2 short tail (1989 Turbo box) Transaxle was modified by California Motor Sport (receipt on request) Complete tear down and rebuild New Syncro’s Billet side covers, Billet shift forks 1-2 and 3-4 Wavetrac locking diff Internal spray bar My cost over 13k...
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    Custom transaxle

    G50-50/2 short tail is 17 inches from center of axle to end of trans case