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    Few questions about the SLC.

    In the updated WEB-site one of the options is "FIA bladder style fuel tanks", does it mean that you with this option get 2 or more fuel tanks ? What is the capasity ?
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    GM LS7 engine - Tuning tips

    Als i understand the Engine section is for gt40 engines, i just dont want to upset Ford fans with a GM engine :bow:
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    Few questions about the SLC.

    Is the car tested in 170 miles ++ without rear wing and only front splitter and rear difusers, Any figures of change in downforce.
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    GM LS7 engine - Tuning tips

    The GM LS7 engine is a popular engine for the Superlite coupe. Stock this engine have 505 HP and 470 LB-ft LS7 Crate Engine :: GM V8 Engines :: Great range of GM American V8 Chevrolet Engines at the best prices. In other treads it is stated that this engine easly reach 700 HP. Can someone...
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    Few questions about the SLC.

    Is the car SVA compliant with front splitter, rear difuser and wing. What is the with where you mount seats. Is the fuel tank of blader type.
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    Does the Superlite Coupe Have a Full Roll Cage?

    How many liters is there when the tank is full :o (Your GT40's have 15 + 15 US gallons)
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    Superlite coupe - Ricardo Trany

    Als i understand Superlite Cupe is revised to house a Ricardo Trany (and it looks like most customers have choosen this trany). I guess it is one of these gearboxes Do RCR use the 750 or the 900 type and is it H or sequential gearshift. This...
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    individual Weber screens

    This is genuine Weber part. Dellorto and weber carburettors online
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    Dean's new RCR40 build thread

    Re: Dean's new RCR build thread Can you give me the measure of the with between center tunnel and side on the driver and passenger side (with of the seat).:huh:
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    Parts for Lexus 4,0l V8

    By the way, my girlfriend says it is some similaritys between Knut the isbear and me, we both ned to downsize boomsmile - 24 uur per dag actueel nieuws
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    Parts for Lexus 4,0l V8

    Thank You for the invitation. I will think about overlokking your engine when we are in Geldermalsen from end of november to start of january (holliday and father-leave due to a baby (parrents gets totaly 1 year payed leave in Norway). My girlfriend have friends in Apeldoorn. By the way, im...
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    Parts for Lexus 4,0l V8

    :o Dankje weel, dat was ein goe link ;) Ik ben nors mar heift ein NL frendin, we vone in Norwege mar is 1 - 2 keer pr jaar in NL. Als je see ik prat en skreif nederland eve slekter dan engels. boomsmile
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    Parts for Lexus 4,0l V8

    In the tread about N E W Superlight cars from RCR there is some usefull info in post nr 99 I have searcht these Internet Links links, but did't find any info about upgradet internals...
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    Gearbox suitable for 500BHP?

    Quaife states that these gearboxes can cope with 650/700 hp H-Patern: Quaife Mk2 6-speed heavy duty transaxle H pattern gearbox - Quaife Engineering Sequential Quaife Mk2 6-speed heavy duty sequential transaxle universal gearbox - Quaife Engineering
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    Spesial care – combination of alu, steel and eletrik current.

    Sorry about my english. Se that RCR is made of aluminum. Do they ned to take spesial care to avoid corrosion due to the mix of steel, aluminium and eletrik current ? What about sound deffening, «normal» kit cars have spaceframe chassis with riveted alu plate covers and sound deffening...