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    It's probably because that was near where the last one sold on BaT. I think BaT is one of the better audiences for buying these kinds of cars, so if your car is worth more than that reserve, I would still go for it unless it's maybe bad seasonality for buying this kind of car. What did you end...
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    Custom Seat Option?

    I have Tillett B4 seats in my car and I easily clear the rollbars with a helmet on. Formula-like layback.
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    ECU Recommendations

    I haven't worked with Kirk, but I can vouch for their support team. They have been really awesome in helping me. I've worked a lot with Paul St. Clair, so if you happen to reach him, you can name-drop me. :-)
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    ECU Recommendations

    Depends a little bit on what engine you're looking to run. Cylinders? DFI or not? I've been pretty happy with the AEM Infinity in my car. I call it an affordable Motec, but that's probably unfair to both platforms. If you're not racing, the AEM has plenty of configurability for the things you...
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    Play in new rodends

    Late to the party here, but another option is the 3-piece Chrome Moly JMX/JFX series with a PTFE/teflon race from FK Rod Ends: You definitely want 3-piece Chrome Moly construction with a...
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    Questions before jumping into a SLC

    The Infinity-8 is $2,397.40. Totally agree to put all the choices out there. With AEM you can also get some pre-wired looms or universal loom kits that make life pretty easy.
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    Questions before jumping into a SLC

    Check out the AEM Infinity as well. It contains many of the expensive upgrades in a Motec for free out of the box, like traction control, launch control, etc.
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    SLC Aftermarket Seat Option

    Note that this is only the seat pads, not the seats themselves. $385 for a seat like this would be crazy cheap!
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    V6 in sl-c???

    I wasn't going to respond to this thread, but you can assume how I feel about it. :shy: The rebuilt engine went in earlier this week and I'm hooking up all the plumbing, electrical, transmission, etc right now. Absolutely zero regrets on building the car with this engine. Thanks to the many...
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    Transmission Compatibility G87/21

    Guys, Be careful here. The transmission bolt spacing of top two vs. the bottom two is slightly different on a G96/97 Porsche, perhaps the G50 as well (not sure). Which bolt pattern is supposedly the same? Is it: A) Cayman/Boxster and G96/97 in their stock OEM mounting? B) Cayman/Boxster...
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    All Porsche powertrain in SLC?

    Thanks for asking! I decided to rebuild the motor last summer shortly after I got it running. I thought it had major issues, but after pulling it, it turns out I had misplumbed a vent line. I was sucking a little bit of coolant into the intake - whoops. In the end it was probably good to rebuild...
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    All Porsche powertrain in SLC?

    Yes, the bell housing had to be modified since the bolt spacing is slightly different. Weld and re-drill. Other than that, the standard modifications such as a new oil drain plug were done by Gbox, including removing of the oil cooler. It just plumbs feed direct to return and should it ever...
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    All Porsche powertrain in SLC?

    No need to feel sorry! I've actually not had any big points of frustration. Hassle, sure that's the case from time to time, but for me this has all been a giant learning experience. I love learning by doing and don't mind digging around to find that little crucial piece of info, so it's all...
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    All Porsche powertrain in SLC?

    Luke - thanks for asking. Matt - thanks for putting the link in. I've been a bit distracted with new work opportunities, but I've been slowly rebuilding the engine. Turns out the issue was a coolant/air vent configuration issue that I'd screwed up and the engine actually wasn't...
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    AMG powered SLC Build

    I built my own wiring harness for my Porsche GT3-powered car. I did use the ISIS, but in some ways regret it. The power drain sucks, but moreover the constant ~2V going down each wire will cause a different electrical system to interpret it as a binary "on" when you didn't actually enable that...
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    Fuel Level Sending Unit

    I have an extra Koso sending unit. I had to get a different one made by Centroid to be compatible with my ECU's analog inputs.
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    AMG powered SLC Build

    Unless you've got a DFI engine, then's it's not that easy. To do the wiring is of moderate difficulty, like for non-DFI, but the tuning is the hard part for DFI (GDI). I doubt that Haltech has any DFI-capable ECUs right now. Motec, Bosch & Pectel (Cosworth) can do DFI and it sounds like a couple...
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    Got a chance to see Hyder's SLC and his other little project

    Not surprised to hear that. DFI is particularly expensive still since only a few high-end ECUs support it. Which one did you use?
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    Ford 5.0 Coyote in SL-C

    You're right to mention running out of air and ITBs. With an aggressive cam, often the only way to get the necessary air into the engine is via ITBs. There's no vacuum to pull from and all cylinders draw air exactly the same way vs. a regular manifold. It can be the only way to get the engine to...
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    SLC with dual TB Manifold?

    You could also run a Jenvey ITB setup like the ones in Ricardo Montalvo's build thread titled "SLC Build Thread-Chassis #53". Video from his thread: VID_20130525_104742_214_zps0cc19340.mp4 Video by Stage7FD | Photobucket Sounds pretty sweet.