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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    I would love to see it here
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    Template for dust cover on O16

    Thanks for that Veek. My motor & trans are mounted in the car and it is a bit tight in there to make an accurate pattern. Fortunately I dont have much attached to the motor or trans at this stage and can lift the motor fairly easily to get at it. Regards Robert
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    Template for dust cover on O16

    Does anyone have a template/pattern for a flywheel dust cover to suit 5.0L ford to 016 transaxle with RF adapter plate. Thanks, Robert Shepherd
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    Nostril panel clearance to radiator

    Is it common to have to remove the nostril panel before opening the front clip. The bottom of the nostrils catches on the top of my radiator unless I lay the radiator over about 45 degrees. The car is a Roaring Forties and the radiator is a common GT40 aftermarket unit. I would like the radiator...
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    Ross is back

    Welcome back Ross. I also enjoy your reports and assistance given to many people including myself. There is obviously still some confusion about the term club racing. Let me assure everyone that Ross is racing in an Australian State championship class which is very much full bore side by side...
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    Fair price for a RF GT40?

    The yellow RF advertised for sale is an outstanding example. I watched this car throughout its build and have seen it on many occasions since its completition. It was built to a very high standard by a very qualified person and incorporated the best of everything. Although it has covered 25,000...
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    How Many GT40's in Aus?

    I have RF77 (about half completed) in South Australia. There are at least 3 registered RFs in this state and a number of others being built. I only know of 1 DRB which was almost complete last time I saw it and should be registered by now.
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    RF GT40 on ebay

    The car advertised is a privately owned car, built in Adelaide, South Australia by very experienced builders who have been involved with several other RF GT40s in this state. The colour scheme is similar to RLs original car but it is definately not that car. A lot of money and quality components...
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    Roaring Forties #18

    Chris, I was fortunate enough to see your car at Roaring Forties whilst picking up some parts for mine just before christmas. It was parked next to the Gulf coloured car which was almost ready to go to the U.S. Both were fabulous cars and a photo I took showing both cars greets me every time I...
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    How Many RF Owners/Builders/Buyers Are There?

    Chassis No. 77 (almost rolling) Robert Shepherd
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    A New GT40 replica is Coming - Superformance

    Re: A New GT40 replica is Coming - Maybe? Ron, The Australian Classic Car Yearbook 2004 which recently came out contains an advertisement for Cobra Technology Centre Pty Ltd who are the Australian agent and importers of Superformance cars. At the bottom of their ad there is a line stating; "...
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    VIN Plates, Patches & S/W Centers

    Hi Ben, I would like to order 1 small patch, 1 Vin plate and 1 Steering Wheel cover if you still have any. You can contact me on akhira @