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    289 for Southern GT

    Thanks Mark, Is that an Edelbrock pump? Or the Weiand pump that Morten referred to?
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    289 for Southern GT

    Hi Morton, Thanks, It'll be a ZF box
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    289 for Southern GT

    Hi, I'm about to start building a 289 for a Southern GT and would welcome some ideas in respect to front end combos (water pump / alternator / air con pump) that would suit a Southern GT firewall. It'll be a 68 289 adorned with an 8 stack induction ca. 300 hp going into a Mk1 Cheers Stu
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    GT40 final finishes

    Very nice car! Similar to how I'll have one ....
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    SouthernGT No6

    Well done. That moment when they hand over the Mac is a great one. The next one is when you get the V5 through the post. :thumbsup: Wont be long!
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    Southern GT Number 36

    Well done on the getting that far so quickly and your build looks great. A heads up of the failure points would help future builders :thumbsup:
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    Brett's RS GTD

    Ford Rangers are fab motors, I've got one too :thumbsup: Only car you can stick a tonne of stuff in the back, transported engines loads of times. Stick with it, bite size chunks, each step is a step closer to finishing.
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    IVA towing device

    I passed IVA without a towing device although it was a few years back.
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    Southern GT Number 36

    Looks like a really neat job! Thought you were a sparky, first time I've seen cable tray used in a build :thumbsup: I'm hoping to be in a position to order my chassis early next year so will be watching this with interest.
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    Belinda's build chassis 17

    Well done on the pass!
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    Mark's Tornado GT40 Build

    I've bought loads from the states and as a rule of thumb you end up paying pounds for the dollar price and some. Just consider that when you are ruling out UK suppliers.
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    So it begins

    Good luck with the build will follow with interest.
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    Woo Hoo

    Congratulations, hope all goes to plan with the build :thumbsup:
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    Southern GT in Indonesia

    Looking forward to seeing the progress. Planning my next project and seeking some inspiration!:thumbsup:
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    NEC Classic Car Show 2015

    Great show of cars! Also wanted to thank you all for your honest advice. Cheers:thumbsup:
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    Evening from the UK

    Welcome from a fellow rookie with similar aspirations.
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    Hello from sunny Shropshire

    Thanks for the welcome. I did a track day with the GT40 Enthusiasts club at Donnington Park together with the 289 Register a couple of years ago. I think it was organised by Desmond Finnan. I live between Oswestry and Welshpool so about 70 miles from Peover. I may take you up on the invite...
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    Hello from sunny Shropshire

    Greetings, Currently researching my next project and am seriously considering a Mk1 40. I hope to gain some knowledge and experience from you guys. Have already built a Hawk 289 so not new to replicas. All the best from sunny Shropshire.