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    I purchased mine (Smiths) from Nisonger. Peter is great to work with.
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    SPF Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement

    My blank spacers were 2-1/2'' long. I then faced them per my earlier post.
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    SPF Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement

    I made the spacers about 1/8'' longer than necessary. Assembled the wheel and tightened the nut tight. Measured the endplay (because the spacers were too long), disassembled and faced the spacer by about 50% of the endplay. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Finally was able to achieve the...
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    Right hand drive in the USA

    My GT40 is right hand drive and I have had no issues. The car is so small and you are seated a little closer to the middle than you might think because of the door sill over the gas tank. You just have to avoid embarrassing yourself by walking to the wrong side of the car to get in - and in...
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    ZFQ transaxle failure

    Would be interested to know if in this car, do the lower bolts in the bell housing connect the gearbox / bell housing to the lower K-member. I see many GT40's that omit this connection and in my opinion this is not good at all. Under load, the connection can flex. Hit a tire wall head on and you...
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    ZF bellhousing and flywheel/clutch options

    Looking at the picture of your undercarriage - it looks like you do not have any of the bottom bolts of the bell housing connecting to the rear K-member? So, I presume that only (2) upper bolts and the motor mounts are keeping the engine & drivetrain in place?
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    Transaxle Dilemma

    I have a 427FE & Quaife QBE62G in my GT40. The Dyno registered 715 HP. After 1,000+ miles I have had no problem. BUT..... I run street tires (Avon). I do not do burnouts. When I track it, I will not hit the curbs at the apex of the corners. I do not hesitate to get on it though. You can drive...
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    Coolant Type and Quantity

    I use traditional Prestone 50/50 mix and have had no overheating problems. 427FE with 12.5:1 compression. I highly recommend filling your system using a vacuum filling device. Pull vacuum and check to be sure it holds vacuum (no leaks) then simply open a valve and suck the coolant out of a...
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    cav40 latch

    Have a local sheet metal shop water jet cut and bend for you. Looks like a pretty simple piece. You might have to tweak it at installation but that should be pretty simple. Looks like stainless steel in the picture.
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    SPF Stripes

    Or you can have SPF paint stripes to your specifications.
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    Donington Historic Meeting 2021

    Thank you Mike - great to see these cars on the track where they belong!
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    Steel vs aluminium flywheel - what do you run?

    Can you provide a sample that I can reverse engineer? It can be a heavy one - I just need the geometry.
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    FS: Vitaloni Sebring style wingmirrors (metal!)

    Here are pics of my MK II with original Vitaloni Sebring mirrors. I have to agree with Geert-Jan above. I think these are the best looking of all. And yes - the vision they provide is not very f]good but if you are looking in the mirror a lot then you are not driving fast enough :)
  14. SPF GT40 MK II

    SPF GT40 MK II

  15. SPF GT40 Mk II

    SPF GT40 Mk II

  16. SPF GT40 MK II

    SPF GT40 MK II

  17. SPF GT40 MK II

    SPF GT40 MK II

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    GT40, clutch dragging severely or not completely engaging

    Small block Ford motor I am guessing? If so, you might call Bob Wood at Safir - he has an external slave kit that uses an original recreation cast aluminum bell housing with the external slave. Fits RBT / Quaife transaxles. Nice setup and original design.
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    What kind of forgings are you looking for? Do you have a drawing? What material and heat treatment? My shop does buy and machine forgings. Would have to see more information before I can determine if in our wheelhouse.